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A: First, put a small amount of concealer on the tip of a small brush like Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Brush and dab it gently over the blemish. Using the tip only, lightly press the bristles down and twist, allowing the concealer to sink into the pimple. Next, use the brush’s edge to gently push the concealer inwards to completely cover the blemish. Finally, set the concealer by lightly brushing a powder over your entire face.

A: First, always make sure your mascara wand is clean and clump free. Second, place the mascara brush at the root of your eyelashes and gently wiggle as you sweep it upwards. Start in the middle of your lashes and move to the corners and avoid using the tip of the wand. Apply the second coat before the first coat dries.

A: A tinted balm, like butter LONDON Lippy Tinted Lip Balm - Strawberry Field , is great for those who suffer from dry or chapped lips. This product combines the ease of a lipstick tube with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E. Another good choice would be a tinted lip gloss, which adds moisture, shine and color. Try Illuminare UltraShine Mineral LipGloss Vixen, a non-sticky, long wearing formula that adds a subtle hue to your lips.

A: Yes, a mascara primer can help your mascara glide on more easily with fewer clumps and smudges, extending the look of your lashes. LashFood Conditioning Fiber Primer is an ideal choice, conditioning and thickening your lashes for a lush, flawless look.

A: Absolutely. To use less perfume but still create a noticeable scent, dab a bit of petroleum jelly or unscented almond oil on the surface of your skin. Layer your perfume on top, using only a small amount. Less of it will be absorbed by the skin, resulting in a stronger scent.

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