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A: Although it’s harder to find foundation in stores for dark complexions, most of the top brands make foundation for all skin tones. If you like liquid foundation, try Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream - Medium to Dark BB9. This foundation uses a nourishing mineral-based formula that covers all blemishes and skin imperfections while protecting skin with broad-spectrum SPF 25, making it great for any season. If you prefer powder foundation, go with bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 - Golden Dark, which also covers all blemishes, has SPF 15 protection and uses a matte formula that absorbs facial oils while being used, eliminating shine without drying out skin.

A: ARCONA Primo Amino Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for color-treated hair. This shampoo uses a host of natural, therapeutic botanical extracts that coat the hair with natural amino acids, protecting it and stimulating growth. With the inclusion of cranberry extract and shea butter, moisture binds to each strand and preserves pigment, protecting color-treated hair from fading and becoming damaged, all while providing a gently cleanse for the hair and scalp with each use.

A: Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion is a great choice for all skin types, especially those who naturally have more oils in their skin. This lotion is ultra-light, oil-free, and uses retinol and queen of meadow extract to penetrate deep within the pores and keep them clear. This formula also uses honey extract to tone and tighten skin, algae extract to provide sebum control and talc to prevent shine, all while gently hydrating the skin on a daily basis.

A: There are multiple types of moisturizers available and are usually classified by the consistency of the formula. Lotions are typically thinner, more lightweight formulas that work well as a basic, daily moisturizer or for skin that doesn’t get too dry. Creams and body butters come in a thicker formula and are usually best for those who have extra-dry, chapped or cracked skin that needs a little extra push in the hydration area. Creams also usually come in a tub because of how dense they are and need to be applied with your fingers versus uses a lotion in a pump bottle.

A: Skin itching is a common symptom of dryness, especially during seasons with dramatic climate changes - such as the humidity of summer and the frigid cold of winter. For this type of issue, it’s best to choose thick, creamy moisturizers that contain soothing ingredients. Shea butter and cocoa butter are naturally hydrating and allow skin to maintain optimal levels of hydration and aloe vera is very soothing to the skin, which decreases itching.

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