Frequently Asked Questions

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A: While aloe vera is commonly used as a soothing treatment for sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to first test the formula on a small area first to ensure that your skin can tolerate the plant.

A: Aloe allergies, while uncommon, should be considered before consuming aloe vera for the first time. According to Mayo Clinic, it’s important to check with a pharmacist or doctor before you drink aloe, especially if you have an allergy to any plants of the Liliaceae family, such as garlic, onions and tulips.

A: A gel is preferable to lotion if you’re using a facial mask treatment. Gel is the most natural form of aloe vera, making it the best option in order for your skin to absorb all of its benefits. However, if you’re simply looking for quick hydration, choose a lotion that features aloe vera as a main ingredient.

A. Arrowroot and witch hazel are both natural ingredients with a wide range of applications. Arrowroot is a starch that can be found in specialty health grocery stores. Witch hazel is a flowering plant which can be turned into an astringent extract – perfect for shaving. You can find it in regular drug stores.

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