Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Nutmeg is a cinch to add to your nighttime routine. Add a pinch of powder to warm milk and honey for a delicious, sleep-inducing nightcap.

A. Simply inhaling the fragrance of lavender may naturally relieve tension and help to reduce pain. To treat your headache, reach for lavender- and flaxseed-filled HealthPac Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, which will effectively and holistically eliminate your discomfort.

A. Taking cinnamon has many benefits. This multipurpose spice is shown to fight fungal infections, manage symptoms of diabetes, prevent Alzheimer’s and can help to lower the side effects associated with eating meals high in fat. To get the maximum benefit, try New Chapter Cinnamon Force, which is packed full of cinnamon from high quality sources.

A: Apply a pea-sized amount of serum immediately after cleansing either in the morning or at night. Or, if you experience irritation, wait 10-15 minutes and apply the serum to dry skin. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

A: Makeup artist Kate Emily Warren tells Good Housekeeping that applying a green-tinted concealer can quickly counteract red skin on the hands. Also, make sure that your hands are properly hydrated – which detracts from the look of wrinkles by keeping the skin supple, healthy and plump.

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