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Men’s Hair Loss: Not a Losing BattleMen’s Hair Loss: Not a Losing Battle

For many men, hair loss poses a devastating problem, particularly with age. So, what causes hair loss in the first place? And can you recapture thicker hair? Find out the facts on hair loss and how to combat it.

Picking The Right Razor for YouPicking The Right Razor for You

We all know that you need the right tools for the right task. So when it comes to shaving, which razor will get the job done? A close shave is paramount to men’s skin care, and it all starts with the right razor.

10 Steps to a Perfect Shave for Him10 Steps to a Perfect Shave for Him

Is a five o'clock shadow darkening your day? Got nicks, cuts, stubble or bumps? Follow our step-by-step guide to get the perfect shave.

5 Reasons Men Need Separate Skincare5 Reasons Men Need Separate Skincare

Do you sneak a spoonful of your wife's skin cream when she isn't looking? Before you reach in for a second helping, think twice. As a man, you've got very different skincare needs.

Confused About Men's Skincare Products?Confused About Men's Skincare Products?

You don’t have to be! Let our step-by-step guide show you the ropes for creating a simple skincare routine.

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Q: How do doctors test for hair loss?

A: Doctors perform scalp examinations of hair loss patients and will also review the patient’s medical history — including any family history of baldness.

Q: If I choose a wig or hair piece, is it possible to attach it permanently to my scalp?

A: It’s not; hair pieces that are attached with stitches can become infected. In fact, these artificial hair implants have been “banned by the FDA,” according to MedHelp.

Q: Do I need to wash my face or wet my beard before shaving with an electric razor?

A: You don’t need to wash your face before using a regular, dry electric shaver, according to Men’s Flair. However, you can apply certain products that will give you a closer shave and prevent irritation.

Q: Even though I have a beard, do I need to use lotion on my face?

A: Definitely— you still need to nourish the skin beneath your beard. Also, ingredients like botanicals and oils found in moisturizers keep your beard soft and healthy.

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