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Winter Holiday Skincare Gifts for the Man in Your Life Winter Holiday Skincare Gifts for the Man in Your Life

When it comes to holiday shopping, finding the perfect presents for the guy on your list can be a challenge. We’ve compiled the top gifts your guy will love, ranging from skin care sets to advanced tools and more.

Men's Skin and Hair Care: Winter Men's Skin and Hair Care: Winter "Weapons" for Cold Weather

Many guys fearlessly face the fierce winter weather – but forget the impact that it can have on hair and skin. Here are some special cold-weather beauty tips – so he can maintain a handsome look this winter.

Budget Skincare for the Whole Family: Skin and Hair Care Formulas for Men of StyleBudget Skincare for the Whole Family: Skin and Hair Care Formulas for Men of Style

When it comes building and maintaining effective skin care regimens for the whole family, we understand that the shopping list can get pretty expensive. That’s why we’ve come up with the top skin care picks for the man of the house – all under 20 dollars.

Holiday Season Gift Guide for MenHoliday Season Gift Guide for Men

When it comes to the most important men in your life, it’s important to find thoughtful, practical gifts that show just how much you care. Take a peek at our favorite skin-inspired picks for every guy on your list.

Men’s Essential Fashion & Grooming Tips Men’s Essential Fashion & Grooming Tips

Is your appearance making you look more juvenile than GQ? Use these timeless men’s fashion and grooming tips to develop your own signature style that reflects class, sophistication and executive taste.

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Q: My boyfriend wants cologne for Christmas, but I have no idea how to pick one he’ll like. Any tips for choosing the right one?

A: Snoop around his shower and bathroom cabinet to see if his soaps, body washes or lotions boast a certain type of scent, like spicy or citrus. Or, if that doesn’t help narrow down his taste, buy a gift set that includes several scents like Calvin Klein Men's Coffret – so there’s at least one aroma he’s sure to love.

Q: A gift certificate for a “his and her” spa treatment is the perfect holiday gift for my husband (and for me too!) since we’re both so busy. Any ideas for pampering treatments?

A: There are lots of spa treatments that are offered for couples, including many types of massages, body wraps and facials. Instead of stressing over which to choose, consider buying a gift card to the spa for the amount that you’re willing to spend, and write “For the couples’ spa treatment of your choice” on the card.

Q: My husband struggles with acne but is reluctant to shop for treatments or seek professional help. Is it appropriate to slip some acne-clearing formulas in his stocking this holiday season?

A: Many guys aren’t comfortable shopping for skin care products, so the holidays are a great time to help him improve this complexion. Instead of a stocking stuffer (he may feel awkward opening up an acne treatment in front of his family), make this a private gift. Since most guys love power tools, wrap up the Tanda Clear Plus Professional Acne Clearing Device, and slip it to him when no one’s around.

Q: What’s the verdict on facial hair in the workplace? Is it unprofessional?

A: Clean-shaven is the safest choice for looking classically polished, but a well-groomed beard or moustache is usually an acceptable style (unless prohibited by your workplace dress code). It may take some trial and error to find the style of facial hair that best suits you. Always err on the side of “less is more” with facial hair to avoid overshadowing the rest of your features.

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