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Spring Beauty Travel Favorites: Guide to Hair and Skin Care On the GoSpring Beauty Travel Favorites: Guide to Hair and Skin Care On the Go

Whether you’re headed on a relaxing girls’ trip or embarking on a cross-country adventure this spring, it’s crucial that you take healthy skincare habits with you. Learn more about which products to choose, popular travel kits and how to keep skin healthy through the stresses of travel.

Sensitive Skin Anti-Aging Guide for SpringSensitive Skin Anti-Aging Guide for Spring

As winter slowly gives way to spring, it’s a good time to examine your beauty regimen and start preparing for warmer weather. And if you have mature, sensitive skin, you’ll want to add some reparative treatments after the long, chilly winter. Worried about finding new products that won’t irritate finicky skin? Here are some easy tips to help you maintain healthy, youthful skin through the shift in seasons.

Spring 2013 Hair Treatments for Winter DamageSpring 2013 Hair Treatments for Winter Damage

The winter chill may finally be fading, but your hair is likely still suffering the after-effects of cold, dry air. Not to worry; part of “spring cleaning” is also getting your hair in top shape, and we’ve got tips to help you make the transition. Read on for top hair treatments to repair the five most common problems caused by winter weather – and you’ll have radiant, healthy locks just in time for spring.

Winter Fashion and Beauty for Soon-To-Be-Moms: Maternity Style in Cold WeatherWinter Fashion and Beauty for Soon-To-Be-Moms: Maternity Style in Cold Weather

Pregnancy usually comes with its fair share of discomfort, and chilly weather can mean less motivation to change out of baggy sweatpants. Need some winter wardrobe inspiration that will help you look and feel beautiful? Check out this article for tips on tweaking your attire and beauty routine during pregnancy to leave room for both comfort and warmth – without compromising style!

Children's Sensitive Skin Tips for All Seasons Children's Sensitive Skin Tips for All Seasons

As winter approaches, knowing how to protect your children’s sensitive skin from the elements is essential. While some risks are season-specific, others require attention throughout the entire year. Read on for guidelines to safeguard your children’s sensitive skin in every season.

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Q: I’m considering checking my beauty products when I get to the airport so I don’t have to worry about travel-size products. Is this a good idea?

A: It’s always an option, but beauty products can be pricey, and in the event that something happens to your luggage it’s nice to have your skin care and makeup necessities in your carry-on luggage. Plus, those full-sized product bottles take up a lot of valuable space in your suitcase!

Q: I’m going to Europe and need to save as much money as possible. What are some tips on packing a travel skincare kit without purchasing all new products?

A: The best way is to simply take products you already have. Just purchase a good quality set of toiletry containers from a drugstore (make sure not to skimp on quality, or you’ll end up with a mess when you arrive at your destination!). Dr. Leslie Baumann also recommends asking your dermatologist for samples of the products you use, or picking up inexpensive drugstore products in sample sizes.

Q: My face gets really dry during travel; how often should I use a moisturizer?

A: An easy way to keep skin hydrated without constantly reapplying lotion is to use a moisturizing spray; according to Cosmopolitan, it helps prevent you from over-applying moisturizer to flaky skin. Try Jane Iredale POMMISST Hydration Spray.

Q: What is heat rash?

A: Heat rash, or prickly heat, is a skin reaction that occurs when clogged pores prevent sweating. Infants are especially vulnerable because their sweat ducts are underdeveloped. The symptoms are red, itchy bumps on the skin.

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