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Valentine's Day Rendezvous: 2015's Romantic Matching Outfit and Makeup PairingsValentine's Day Rendezvous: 2015's Romantic Matching Outfit and Makeup Pairings

Has Cupid struck this Valentine’s Day? Want to wow that special someone, dazzle on a night out with friends or just boost your mood with a style update? Check out this guide to creating an irresistible V-Day look with the latest fashion and makeup trends.

RMS Beauty: An Emerging Leader in Organic Cosmetics and Skincare – How It WorksRMS Beauty: An Emerging Leader in Organic Cosmetics and Skincare – How It Works

RMS Beauty is a whole new concept in beauty. By creating safe cosmetics and skincare formulas that are pure, healing and effective, RMS Beauty products naturally highlight your best features without harming your health or the planet. Read on to learn more.

Dry Skin Makeup Done Right: 10 Rules to Hydrate and HighlightDry Skin Makeup Done Right: 10 Rules to Hydrate and Highlight

When it comes to achieving a radiant complexion with your daily makeup regimen, dry skin can quickly foil a flawless face. But the right combination of cosmetics can quench parched skin while creating a fabulous, healthy look that lasts all day long.

The Beauty and Health Benefits of Aloe Vera: From Soothing Facial Masks to Overall WellbeingThe Beauty and Health Benefits of Aloe Vera: From Soothing Facial Masks to Overall Wellbeing

Looking for natural ways to expand your skincare and beauty arsenal? Turn to the beauty of nature for ancient treatments and solutions that are now in the midst of a comeback. Similar to the wonders of coconut, which can be used both topically and orally for health and beauty benefits, aloe vera offers a variety of options for your skincare and health needs. Read on for two ways to enjoy this widely grown plant.

DIY Skincare Products for MenDIY Skincare Products for Men

Men may usually rely on a few tried-and-true skincare products, from shaving cream to deodorant. If you want to truly upgrade your skincare regimen but don’t want to spend the time and money on new products, try your hand at DIY formulas. Read this article to learn more.

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Q: I’ve always had a problem biting my nails and want to stop. What can I use to help myself break this habit?

A: Try a topical formula like Barielle No Bite Pro Growth, which is odorless, invisible and deters nail biting with its intensely bitter flavor. It also works to nourish your nails and cuticles with ingredients that promote fast and healthy nail growth. Simply apply it to your nails (and cuticles, if you desire) as often as you need to keep your nails out of your mouth. You can also add Barielle Growth Activator For Natural Nails, which will accelerate the growth process using natural ingredients such as garlic enzymes and safflower seed oil.

Q: I have unruly eyebrows. What can I do to tame them?

A: Whether your eyebrows are thick, thin, curly or straight, perfectly sculpted brows can help refine and highlight your facial features. Anastasia Five Element Brow Kit – Medium Brown has everything you need to shape and maintain perfectly polished eyebrows. This kit come with tweezers, eyebrow shaping stencils, powder and a slanted brush to fill in your brows, plus a clear gel to keep the hair in place all day. You can also add a matching eyebrow pencil, such as Anastasia Brow Wiz - Soft Brown, to use with this kit or alone. The Brow Wiz pencil is particularly great for very thin eyebrows or areas that were accidently over-plucked.

Q: I have dark skin and have a hard time finding a blush to complement my complexion. What shade should I choose?

A: The key to finding the right blush for darker skin is choosing a shade that won’t blend in with your skin tone, which means avoiding any light pinks or browns. According to makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci in an interview with Allure, "You need to choose bold, highly pigmented shades, otherwise it will look muddy, ruddy, or it won't even show up.” Try a blush in a raisin shade, such as Colorescience Pressed Blush - Pink Lotus, which will give you a rosy glow without looking overdone. Or try a cream blush that’s long lasting and highly pigmented. is a shimmery mauve and comes in a convenient twist-up tube. This formula goes on smooth, looks delightfully bold and catches the light with a head-turning shimmer, making it a great choice for dark skin.

Q. A lot of these recipes have ingredients I’m not familiar with, like arrowroot and witch hazel. What are they, and where can I find them?

A. Arrowroot and witch hazel are both natural ingredients with a wide range of applications. Arrowroot is a starch that can be found in specialty health grocery stores. Witch hazel is a flowering plant which can be turned into an astringent extract – perfect for shaving. You can find it in regular drug stores.

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