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Go-to Anti-aging Treatments For GuysGo-to Anti-aging Treatments For Guys

When it comes to tackling the signs of aging, many guys aren’t sure where to start in picking the right treatments for their skincare regimen. From the most effective ingredients to the top men’s anti-aging formulas, this guide will help any guy reverse the clock for a healthier, younger complexion.

How to Choose the Proper Makeup for Your Skin Type: Cream vs. Powder Based MakeupHow to Choose the Proper Makeup for Your Skin Type: Cream vs. Powder Based Makeup

Selecting the best makeup for your complexion involves more than just color matching. Different makeup formulas complement different skin types, and finding the right fit for your skin can seem complicated. Whether you struggle with dry areas, creased shadow or can’t seem to prevent the dreaded midday shine, there’s a makeup formula that can keep your skin concerns at bay. Read on to discover how to find and use the right cosmetics for a naturally flawless look that lasts.

Acne and Aging in Your 30s: Double TroubleAcne and Aging in Your 30s: Double Trouble

Many people spend their teenage years battling acne, while others enter their 20s without having experienced so much as a single pimple. Unfortunately, adult acne is surprisingly common, with many women experiencing their first bout after age 30. Combine this with the appearance of wrinkles and you’ve got a serious skin dilemma. There are, however, many ways to fight both acne and aging simultaneously.

Pregnancy Skin Care Guide: Solutions to Common Skin Conditions for Pregnant WomenPregnancy Skin Care Guide: Solutions to Common Skin Conditions for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can come with some surprising side effects – including unwelcome changes to your complexion. If you’ve heard stories about the “pregnancy glow” and are now dismayed with the state of your prenatal skin, it’s time to seek out solutions. Discover how you can effectively treat common skin conditions during pregnancy, so you can look and feel your best before baby arrives.

5 Skin-Boosting Vitamins to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Regimen5 Skin-Boosting Vitamins to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Regimen

With so much focus given to beauty products and procedures, it’s easy to forget that vitamins are your skin’s best friend. Healthy fruits, vegetables, fish and cheese are teeming with the essential vitamins that can keep your skin healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Here are some go-to vitamins and foods to find them in – along with our favorite product picks – to give your skin a boost from the inside out.

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Q: As a health-conscious man in my late 20s, I’m disappointed with the lack of resources related to men’s skincare. Any advice for finding skincare tips for men?

A: For serious concerns and long-term goals, a dermatologist is always the best source of skincare information. But for routine maintenance and advice on treating common skincare challenges, the Men’s Skincare Handbook is a go-to resource.

Q: I’m a male in my mid-30s and beginning to notice tiny lines around my eyes. Without building an entire anti-aging regimen, what are my options for treating crow’s feet?

A: Slowly but surely, there’s a growing market of anti-aging skincare brands just for men. To tackle crow’s feet, Anthony Logistics Anti Aging Vitamin A Treatment contains a powerful dose of age-fighting vitamin A to bring fast and visible results.

Q: This article offers great advice to help guys tackle the signs of aging on the face, but I’m also concerned with aging skin elsewhere on my body. Should I follow the same approach?

A: Maintaining healthy, youthful skin on the body depends on much of the same advice. Daily cleansing and moisturizing along with weekly exfoliation and smart sun defense are essential steps toward slowing the signs of aging on the body. Also, look for all-over formulas that contain proven anti-aging ingredients including retinol and green tea.

Q: I have a problem with spider veins. Can vitamins help?

A: They sure can. Certain forms of vitamin K have been shown reduce the appearance of spider veins. Ask your doctor or dermatologist to learn more.

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