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A Step-by-Step Guide to Fabulous Skin at 50 A Step-by-Step Guide to Fabulous Skin at 50

It’s never been easier to achieve and maintain flawless, radiant skin during your 50s and beyond. With a smart skincare strategy that combines the best ingredients, treatments and procedures, you can visibly reverse the existing signs of aging while preventing future damage. Read on to learn how.

Autumn Beauty Bag: Transition to Fall With On-Trend Makeup Palettes and Kits Autumn Beauty Bag: Transition to Fall With On-Trend Makeup Palettes and Kits

Looking for simple ways to reinvent your style for the autumn season? While the transition from summer’s bohemian-chic style to the polished sophistication of fall can seem daunting, it’s actually quite simple. With this easy-to-follow guide, bringing new life to your makeup bag will be a breeze. Ease into the season with a no-fuss, cool weather beauty routine that will inspire simplicity and confidence for the months ahead.

Feel Great This Fall: 10 Beauty Tips to Make You ShineFeel Great This Fall: 10 Beauty Tips to Make You Shine

For many, the shorter and cooler days of autumn are a less-than-welcome sign that winter is around the corner. But here are fall beauty tips that focus on helping you feel good and brighten your mood as you tackle summer damage and prep your appearance for the cool weather ahead.

First Date Fabulous: Beauty Tips to Look Flawless and Feel ConfidentFirst Date Fabulous: Beauty Tips to Look Flawless and Feel Confident

First impressions are everything – especially on a first date. But for busy women, finding time to primp and prep can seem impossible. Don’t worry – we have time-saving beauty tips to minimize stress and maximize confidence for a date night appearance that feels effortless and looks fabulous.

Kids’ Healthy Hair and Nail Care Kids’ Healthy Hair and Nail Care

Instilling good grooming habits is an important way to help your child look and feel healthy and confident. But it can be hard enough getting kids to brush their teeth and wash their hands, let alone care for their hair and nails. Fortunately, you can simplify the grooming process and even make it fun for your children with this guide to healthy hair and nail habits for kids of all ages.

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Q: I’m in my late 40s and the signs of aging are becoming worse! Is there a relatively quick and affordable professional treatment that can help reverse my fine lines and improve my skin tone?

A: To reverse signs of sun damage, including discoloration and fine lines, consider a professional chemical peel, which starts around $100. This treatment involves the application of powerful acids (such as glycolic, retinoic, salicylic or trichlorocytic acids) to peel away the outer surface of damaged skin to reveal younger, brighter skin beneath.

Q: I’m beginning to notice spider veins on my thighs. What can I do to get rid of them?

A: A dermatologist can remove unwanted spider and varicose veins, but the procedure can be painful and pricey. A quick, pain-free alternative is to cover them up with an affordable, over-the-counter cosmetic concealer like Dermablend Leg and Body Cover.

Q: I’m in my 50s and re-evaluating my skincare regimen. Is it necessary to include a regular facial mask?

A: Although facial masks are optional during your 50s, beauty expert Julyne Derrick explains that using a mask every week or two can make your complexion feel heavenly by offering an extra dose of skin softening hydration and deep pore cleansing. Look for a facial mask that’s formulated for mature skin, such as Karuna Age-Defying Mask.

Q: My daughter fell asleep with chewing gum in her mouth, and now it’s stuck in her hair. Is there a way to get the gum out without cutting her hair?

A: Fortunately, you can remove chewing gum from your child’s hair without resorting to an impromptu haircut. AAD reports that all you need is a jar of peanut butter or some vegetable oil, such as olive oil. Use your fingers or an old toothbrush to cover the gum completely with the peanut butter or oil. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wash your child’s hair as usual.

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