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Acne and Aging in Your 30s: Double TroubleAcne and Aging in Your 30s: Double Trouble

Many people spend their teenage years battling acne, while others enter their 20s without having experienced so much as a single pimple. Unfortunately, adult acne is surprisingly common, with many women experiencing their first bout after age 30. Combine this with the appearance of wrinkles and you’ve got a serious skin dilemma. There are, however, many ways to fight both acne and aging simultaneously.

Pregnancy Skin Care Guide: Solutions to Common Skin Conditions for Pregnant WomenPregnancy Skin Care Guide: Solutions to Common Skin Conditions for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can come with some surprising side effects – including unwelcome changes to your complexion. If you’ve heard stories about the “pregnancy glow” and are now dismayed with the state of your prenatal skin, it’s time to seek out solutions. Discover how you can effectively treat common skin conditions during pregnancy, so you can look and feel your best before baby arrives.

5 Skin-Boosting Vitamins to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Regimen5 Skin-Boosting Vitamins to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Regimen

With so much focus given to beauty products and procedures, it’s easy to forget that vitamins are your skin’s best friend. Healthy fruits, vegetables, fish and cheese are teeming with the essential vitamins that can keep your skin healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Here are some go-to vitamins and foods to find them in – along with our favorite product picks – to give your skin a boost from the inside out.

Beauty for Educators - Back to School Timesaving TipsBeauty for Educators - Back to School Timesaving Tips

Summer is winding down for teachers, putting an end to leisurely mornings with ample time for a lengthy beauty regimen. But before the back-to-school frenzy begins, make a commitment to stay on top of your beauty game. With careful planning and a few savvy tricks, you can maintain stress free skin and gorgeous hair – with minutes to spare each morning.

On-the-Go Beauty for Working Women: Chic Commuting Tips for Biking to Work On-the-Go Beauty for Working Women: Chic Commuting Tips for Biking to Work

If you’ve ever considered biking to work, you’ve no doubt faced the quandary of how to make the transition to two wheels while keeping your polished look intact. Fortunately, you can effortlessly coast in style without worrying about a smudged face, disheveled hair or clothing that has seen better days. Use this guide to discover clever ways to keep your professional look clean and put together while beginning the day with a fresh air commute.

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Q: My skin is extremely oily and acne-prone. Won’t moisturizer just make my acne worse?

A: Not necessarily. You should always use moisturizer to protect your skin – even if it’s oily. The key is to find a lightweight moisturizer that’s non-greasy and contains no fragrances or other irritants. SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer was created especially for those with acne-prone skin. It provides your skin with important vitamins and antioxidants while protecting against free radical damage.

Q: I’m looking for a cleanser that’s gentle on my skin but can effectively unclog my pores without a lot of foam. Any suggestions?

A: Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a hardworking multitasker that removes oil, dirt and makeup without the need for additional products. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for that deep-clean feeling without beads, granules or foam.

Q: I love chocolate and pizza. Can sugary or greasy foods cause my skin to break out?

A: There’s no scientific proof that diet increases oil production. However, many medical professionals believe that foods that contain hormones can cause changes in your skin. So if you think the culprit may be too much meat or milk or that candy bar you had for dessert, try eliminating certain foods from your diet for a week or so and see if you notice a change in your acne.

Q. I’m looking for shoes that will transition easily from bicycling to office life. Can you offer me a couple of suggestions?

A. The process of moving between an active commute and your professional work day can seem like a complicated one, particularly when it comes to footwear. But it doesn’t have to be! Because your ride to work is not likely to be a vigorous one, simply avoid open-toed shoes and opt for sassy ballerina flats or Mary Jane’s. Both options will protect your feet from injury and offer the sophistication required of office fashion.

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