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Warm Weather Beauty Regimen for the Great Outdoors: How to Look and Feel Your Best While CampingWarm Weather Beauty Regimen for the Great Outdoors: How to Look and Feel Your Best While Camping

Does the thought of keeping up your beauty regimen while camping and hiking this season feel daunting or, frankly, impossible? When warm weather hits and the outdoors are calling, you don’t want to be overly focused on appearance. However, this isn’t the time to abandon your beauty routine altogether – especially since the change in seasons can bring on some unpleasant beauty challenges. Learn how to look and feel your best in the great outdoors with these easy tips and tricks.

Stay Fabulous in Your 40s: 11 Steps Toward Radiant SkinStay Fabulous in Your 40s: 11 Steps Toward Radiant Skin

Frustrated by dull, dry, aging skin? Your 40s is the time for a skincare overhaul. Take a closer look at your skin and consider what you’d like your products to do. You might also consider in-office treatments to boost your complexion. Read on for the details on both products and procedures.

So You’re Now in Your 30s: 10 Ways to Get Serious About SkincareSo You’re Now in Your 30s: 10 Ways to Get Serious About Skincare

Your 30s is the decade to build on the smart skincare habits you developed during your 20s. Embracing age-fighting ingredients in combination with smart lifestyle habits can help keep your complexion ageless and radiant for years to come. From shielding your skin from the sun to the best ingredients for thirty-something skin, read on to learn more.

Spring-Inspired Beauty Trends: 7 Tips to Try Spring-Inspired Beauty Trends: 7 Tips to Try

When it comes to infusing your look with the latest trend or two, spring is the perfect time to embrace a fresh, new style. Read on to learn the go-to nail, hair and makeup trends to revitalize your spring look from head to toe.

Athletic Men's Guide to Anti-AgingAthletic Men's Guide to Anti-Aging

Athletes are constantly checking in with their bodies, monitoring their progress and general health. As they age, physically active men have to take extra steps to ensure their skin stays healthy as they continue to work out. Here are some anti-aging tips every athletic man can use to bolster his appearance and health through the years.

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Q: I want to protect my skin from the sun, but my skin reacts to the harsh chemicals in a lot of sunscreen formulas. Is there a brand better suited for my sensitive skin?

A: Try Avene High Protection Cream SPF 50, a formula specially designed for sensitive skin types that can’t tolerate chemical sunscreens. Not only is this product a good choice for its waterproof, broad-spectrum sun protection, it’s also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic – so you won’t break out or experience irritation after wearing it all day.

Q: I like the idea of using pure Aloe Vera while camping, but where do I find it? Can I use Aloe Vera spray instead?

A: An actual stem of Aloe Vera is difficult to find unless you grow your own plant, but you can find the next best thing in 100% Aloe Vera products. If you like the convenience of a spray, try Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera - Aloe Mist 100% Pure Gel Continuous Spray.

Q: How often should I apply an insect repellent, and are they safe to use?

A: Guidelines for application vary between the different brands and types of bug deterrents, so you should always follow the directions on the label. But according to the CDC, repellents with a higher percentage of the active ingredient tend to last longer. You can opt for a brand with DEET like Deep Woods Off! - Dry Aerosol Insect Repellent or, if you’re sensitive to DEET, look for a natural variety like Fairy Tales - Bug Bandit DEET-Free Bug Repellant For added convenience or a kid-friendly option, try Bug Band - Insect Repellent Wrist Band, Glow N Dark.

Q: After a long workout, my eyes look tired. I’ve tried products in the past, but they’ve all caused reactions. Any suggestions?

A: Try Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. This hydrating and soothing cream is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Plus, it’s formulated to help reduce wrinkles and dark circles.

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