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Complexion Soothing Ingredients: The Do's and Don'ts for Your Skin Type 	Complexion Soothing Ingredients: The Do's and Don'ts for Your Skin Type

Though most women crave a clear and youthful complexion, there's no one size fits all formula for achieving it. But whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive or mature, there's a set of skin-soothing ingredients that are perfectly suited to your complexion's unique set of needs. Read on to get a no-fuss guide to cracking the code on skincare labels, so you can avoid beauty aisle blunders - and pick the perfect complexion smoothing ingredients to suit your skin's type.

Boots No7: Inside the Classic Brand for Budget Friendly, Effective Beauty Boots No7: Inside the Classic Brand for Budget Friendly, Effective Beauty

When it comes to beauty, the Boots No7 brand is synonymous with sophistication. A timeless icon, Boots No7 is highly respected for its impressive array of affordable products - which spans skincare, cosmetics, and even includes formulas for men. Keep reading to learn more about Boots No7.

Beauty 2016: 8 Innovations to Try NowBeauty 2016: 8 Innovations to Try Now

The beauty aisles are packed with new products - each with a promise that seems too good to be true. Before you invest in the next best thing, take a peek at our list of top beauty breakthroughs that have the potential to transform the way you look and feel. From advanced topical treatments to game-changing technology, here are the top beauty products to try today.

Brighter Winter Skin: 2016 Expert Guide to Effective ExfoliationBrighter Winter Skin: 2016 Expert Guide to Effective Exfoliation

Exfoliating is one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to skincare. But regularly scrubbing your skin is actually one the best ways to brighten and improve your complexion. This winter, say goodbye to dull, less-than-radiant skin by learning the secrets behind safe and effective exfoliation.

Next Generation of Lip-Plumping Products:  Soap and Glory Breakthrough for Luscious LipsNext Generation of Lip-Plumping Products: Soap and Glory Breakthrough for Luscious Lips

Looking for a way to subtly boost your beauty? Amp up the volume of those luscious lips and increase moisture levels using any of Soap and Glory’s lip products. Keep reading to find the perfect lip shine, balm or gloss for your needs.

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Q. I have dry, lackluster skin. I'm looking to add another dimension to my skincare routine. Can you recommend a serum for increasing my complexion's overall vitality?

A. If you're after increased vitality and luster, reach for an ultra-concentrated hydrating serum, such as skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Oil. Formulated to replenish and lock in natural moisture, this rejuvenating oil boasts quick-absorption, for a luxurious and velvety complexion every time.

Q. I have what's considered to be normal skin, but I'm always confused about what products to use. Can you recommend preventative, age-defying ingredients to protect my skin?

A. To achieve optimal results, focus on the eye area, which can be vulnerable to the signs of aging. "Using an eye product with a combination of different peptides [protein fragments] is an excellent way to achieve multiple benefits simultaneously, such as decreasing under eye puffiness, lightening up dark circles, and smoothing fine lines," Jennifer Linder, MD, dermatologist, tells Women's Health. Try Dr. Brandt Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream, which is formulated with an exclusive blend of peptides, perfect for rejuvenating, illuminating and reversing the signs of aging.

Q. Though I have oily skin, it's maturing. Can you recommend an ingredient that can help to balance my complexion - plus smooth out fine lines and wrinkles?

A. If you're aiming to combat the signs of aging - while simultaneously staving off trouble spots brought on by excess oil production - reach for products containing scientifically proven retinoids. "Retinoids have been extensively studied for more than 30 years, and their collagen-building and acne-fighting properties are well documented," Carolyn Jacob, M.D., director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, tells Women's Health. Ideal for use on problematic and photo-damaged skin, SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 contains highly potent levels of shelf-stable retinol. Formulated to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, plus correct blemishes and reduce redness and pore size, this multi-tasking serum can help to resurface problematic skin, while increasing youthfulness and vitality.

Q: Do any of the Soap and Glory lip products make your lips tingle like many other lip plumping products I’ve tried?

A: Yes. All of the products in the Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL collection have a tingling effect that some find intriguing and others find irritating. If you have sensitive skin or simply do not like this side effect but still want to add volume to your lips, try the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump. This formula will make lips pillowy-plump and soft without the added tingle.

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