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Spring-Inspired Beauty Trends: 7 Tips to Try Spring-Inspired Beauty Trends: 7 Tips to Try

When it comes to infusing your look with the latest trend or two, spring is the perfect time to embrace a fresh, new style. Read on to learn the go-to nail, hair and makeup trends to revitalize your spring look from head to toe.

Athletic Men's Guide to Anti-AgingAthletic Men's Guide to Anti-Aging

Athletes are constantly checking in with their bodies, monitoring their progress and general health. As they age, physically active men have to take extra steps to ensure their skin stays healthy as they continue to work out. Here are some anti-aging tips every athletic man can use to bolster his appearance and health through the years.

Long-Lasting Nail Color At Home:  Expert Tips for Gel Manicure AlternativesLong-Lasting Nail Color At Home: Expert Tips for Gel Manicure Alternatives

Gel manicures are a hot new trend, promising shiny polish that lasts up to three weeks. However, dermatologists have warned that gel manicures can have negative effects on your nails and hands. Plus, this specialized manicure can be pricey. Thankfully, you can get a long-lasting manicure right at home without the expense or health risks. Check out some tips for DIY chip-free nail color right here.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 5 Scalp ConditionsA Comprehensive Guide to the Top 5 Scalp Conditions

From excess oil to unbearable itchiness, common scalp conditions are often accompanied by uncomfortable side effects. This go-to guide covers the basics about common scalp conditions and the best treatment tips.

An Updated Guide on Fashion & BeautyAn Updated Guide on Fashion & Beauty

Looking for ways to rejuvenate your look without a lot of time and effort? Don’t be daunted by the demands of high fashion or frustrated with short-lived, unrealistic trends. Use this guide to discover your own fashion and beauty compass through all seasons and ages.

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Q: In the spirit of last year’s ombre color trend, I maintained dark roots that transitioned into bright blonde locks. I’m seeing less ombre this year. Is there a new color trend to try this spring?

A. Last year’s dramatic ombre trend has been replaced with a slightly subtler look. Like ombre, the “sombre” color also features two shades, however, features a less dramatic color transition. Go for roots and tips that are different by only a few shades – for a more natural look.

Q: I’d like to take a fresh approach to my daily skincare regimen with some new products that focus on natural ingredients. Can you recommend a go-to brand for restoring my complexion?

A: One of the newest brands to embrace a holistic and natural approach to skincare is Tammy Fender. With a comprehensive line of formulas that include treatments for daily maintenance, repairing and restoring skin, Tammy Fender is a go-to brand for a fresh start to skincare.

Q: I dye my hair every three months, but I’ve noticed that the color begins to fade after a month – especially during the summer. What can I do to protect my hair color?

A: The sun’s UV rays can discolor chemically treated hair – especially lighter shades. Defend your locks with hair products that create a protective barrier. Try this trio: Alterna BAMBOO UV Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide, Alterna BAMBOO UV Color Protection Vibrant Color Shampoo and Alterna BAMBOO UV Color Protection Vibrant Color Conditioner.

Q: For the first time in my life, I have dandruff. What should I look for in an effective dandruff shampoo?

A: Active ingredients that are effective for eliminating dandruff include zinc pyrithione, tar, salicylic acid or ketoconazole. If your dandruff doesn’t respond to a shampoo with one of these ingredients, make an appointment with your doctor.

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