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Affordable Spring Fashion: Chic & Easy DIY Nail Looks Inspired By New York Fashion WeekAffordable Spring Fashion: Chic & Easy DIY Nail Looks Inspired By New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, leaving exciting new makeup and fashion trends in its wake. Want to update your look without spending a fortune? While the outfits showcased on the runways may be out of most people’s budgets, you can still update your style with the latest cutting edge trends. For an easy and affordable way to incorporate designer looks into your everyday style, start with DIY nail art! Check out this guide to the season’s hottest nail trends from New York Fashion Week.

Men’s Foot Care for Different LifestylesMen’s Foot Care for Different Lifestyles

Unless you’re a runner or work on your feet all day, you may not focus much energy on the state of your feet. But even if your feet spend most of their time in shoes, out of sight and out of mind, you don’t want to wait until unpleasant problems arise--like ingrown toenails or athlete’s foot--before you start giving your feet some care. These tips can help you treat and prevent foot conditions, so you can keep your feet happy and healthy through even the most active lifestyle.

A Guide to Common Childhood Rashes: Part 2 – Prevention and TreatmentA Guide to Common Childhood Rashes: Part 2 – Prevention and Treatment

No parent wants a sick child, especially not with a childhood rash that could be itchy or uncomfortable. By following some common sense guidelines, you can prevent, soothe and treat many kinds of childhood rashes. Check out this article to learn more.

A Guide to Childhood Rashes:  Part 1 - Understanding the BasicsA Guide to Childhood Rashes: Part 1 - Understanding the Basics

Most kids will get a rash at some point during their childhood, but luckily for parents and kids alike, the majority of childhood rashes are harmless. However, some rashes can lead to serious complications, so it’s important to know when to call your doctor. Keep reading to find out more about common childhood rashes and which may be cause for concern.

Healthy Skin for Valentine’s Day: The Beauty Benefits of Red Fruits and VeggiesHealthy Skin for Valentine’s Day: The Beauty Benefits of Red Fruits and Veggies

With Valentine’s Day almost here, now is the perfect time to learn about the great skin benefits of red fruits and vegetables. Crimson colored staples can play an important role in maintaining overall skin health – read on to learn about which to pile on your plate to maximize the benefits.

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Q: No matter what I do, whether I paint my own nails or get a professional manicure, I end up chipping my polish within a day. How can I maintain a perfect manicure?

A: If you use your hands a lot and chips are unavoidable, be prepared for touch-ups. Just pat and smooth a tiny bit of nail polish remover on your chip or smudge. When the remover dries, apply your polish to the damaged area. Then, apply another coat of polish to your entire nail to even everything out, and apply a topcoat. Let your nails dry for at least 10 minutes to ensure the quick-fix lasts.

Q: I love getting my nails done professionally and trying out new trends and colors myself. Lately, I’ve seen nail polishes labeled “3-Free.” What does that mean?

A: 3-Free means that the polish does not contain three ingredients considered toxic and potentially harmful. These three ingredients are formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified formaldehyde as a known carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent. The Environmental Protection Agency cites that toluene can cause harm to organs and is a toxic substance. Scientists have said that dibutyl phthalate may cause bodily harm. These chemicals cause the most damage through inhalation, so unless you know that your nail polish is 3-free, make sure you do your nails in a well-ventilated area. Some non-toxic brands are Butter LONDON and Spa Ritual.

Q: Even though I clean my cuticle cutter frequently, my nail beds get red and irritated. What’s the best way to prep and clean my nails before painting them?

A: Dermatologists caution against cutting your cuticles because removing that protective layer of skin can invite infection. As dermatologist Richard Scher tells WebMD, “If you remove the cuticle, that space is wide open, and anything can get in there.” Instead of cutting your cuticles, gently push them back with a wooden manicure stick like Tweezerman Manicure Pedicure Sticks. Don’t forget to moisturize regularly with an ointment or cream to keep your skin supple and nails healthy.

Q: I've never been a fan of beets by themselves, but I've heard that they can be prepared in different ways. What are some ways to make them tastier?

A: If you've tried plain beets, you might want to consider pickled beets. These are beets which are soaked or boiled in white wine vinegar along with other flavorings, such as peppercorn, horseradish or allspice berries. Experiment with different recipes or cooking methods. If you'd like to have a nearly-red plate of salad, consider making tomato and beet salad. Just mix finely sliced tomatoes, beets, and add your favorite dressing and condiments. Or consider making a combination of pickled rather than plain beets. You can also add peppers, spices, cheese or whatever toppings you like for taste.

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