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Treating Hyperpigmentation and Signs of Aging: 15 Products for Effectively Maintaining a Bright, Healthy ComplexionTreating Hyperpigmentation and Signs of Aging: 15 Products for Effectively Maintaining a Bright, Healthy Complexion

Hyperpigmentation and signs of aging getting you down? Don’t worry - these are common skincare problems that are treatable and often completely reversible. By using any of the products in this article, you can have a healthy, smooth and bright complexion day and night.

Back to School Skincare for Teens - Part 2: A Balanced BodyBack to School Skincare for Teens - Part 2: A Balanced Body

Help your teen start the school year with confidence by developing a smart daily regimen that promotes clear skin and healthy hair. Here’s a go-to guide that’ll teach your teen the life-long habits of effective daily hygiene from head to feet.

Anti-Aging Ingredients for Youthful Looking Skin: Discover Multi-Tasking MakeupAnti-Aging Ingredients for Youthful Looking Skin: Discover Multi-Tasking Makeup

Whether you’re a product junkie or a makeup minimalist, most women can agree that cutting down on early morning prep time is a plus. However, even a low-maintenance routine should include anti-aging elements. Beauty industry professionals agree that multi-tasking makeup products infused with skin-smoothing ingredients may be the answer. From foundations rich with wrinkle-reducing derivatives to free radical fighting pigments, there’s a formula designed with your complexion in mind. Read on to discover how you can shorten your morning routine, plus achieve glowing and youthful skin – in one fuss-free step.

Nature-Inspired Pampering: 5 Earthy Elements to Restore Your SpiritNature-Inspired Pampering: 5 Earthy Elements to Restore Your Spirit

Research has proven the link between nature and better wellbeing. Infuse your beauty regimen with nature-inspired ingredients that go beyond pampering to calm, soothe and restore your spirit while improving the health of your body.

Post-Baby Beauty: Coping with Skin and Hair Changes After PregnancyPost-Baby Beauty: Coping with Skin and Hair Changes After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about change, and the time after giving birth is a period of beauty and transformation. Along with your new bundle of joy, changes in your skin and hair can keep you preoccupied. Don’t be distracted – here are post-pregnancy tips for beautiful skin and hair.

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Q: I’m very self-conscious about severe acne scarring on my face. What can I use to reduce the appearance of these scars?

A: Try Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector, which gently brightens and lightens the skin with a patent-pending, hydroquinone-free formula that will transform the appearance of your skin. This product will reduce the appearance of dark spots, discoloration from aging, pregnancy mask, sun damage and post-acne discoloration. This skin brightening complex contains a unique blend of ingredients - including Chromabright, Illumiscin, Actiwhite, Niacinamide PC, Lipochroman-6 and caffeine - to provide dramatic results in as little as two weeks. With regular use of this product, skin will become brighter and firmer and you’ll soon achieve the even skin tone you crave.

Q: I struggle with dark under-eye circles that get worse as I age. What can I do about these?

A: By keeping the skin around your eyes as hydrated as possible, you’re ensuring the health and longevity of the elasticity and collagen that is naturally produced in this area. To keep this skin healthy, use a daily eye cream such as SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex. This thick and luxurious cream uses a unique combination of ingredients that improve signs of aging around the eyes dramatically. Optical diffusers quickly improve the radiance of skin while minimizing the appearance of dark circles and sagging skin, allowing your complexion to be instantly transformed. With as little as four weeks of regular use, this eye cream will take years off of the appearance of your face.

Q: I recently used an intense skin peel to treat hyperpigmentation and it’s more sensitive than usual. How can I protect my skin under the sun until it’s back to normal?

A: Skin is much more sensitive and prone to irritation after using a skin peel, treatment mask or exfoliating. To protect and nourish your skin, a product such as Colorescience Skin Brightening Face Primer SPF 20 - Line Tamer is a great choice after using one of these types of skin treatments or simply as a daily beauty staple. This silky mousse-textured primer is ultra-hydrating, goes on smooth and hides any skin discoloration or imperfections. With SPF 20 sun protection and light coverage, this product works wonderfully under foundation or when used alone. This facial primer will cover all blemishes, pores and skin redness and make any complexion look smooth and flawless.

Q: I’ve never had acne before but now it’s covering my face. How long will this last?

A: That really just depends on how quickly you act on it. Many women develop acne spots following birth due to hormones and stress. Get plenty of rest along with a great salicylic acid-free acne cream and soon those acne spots will fade.

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