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Heal Stressed Summer Skin: 12 Fall At-Home MasksHeal Stressed Summer Skin: 12 Fall At-Home Masks

From exposure to the elements to the build-up of pore-clogging dirt and debris, summer is a stressful time for skin. As fall arrives, discover the perfect at-home mask to take your skin from stressed to restored in 20 minutes or less.

Relaxing and Beautifying Tips to Counter the Effects of Depressing Stress on Your SkinRelaxing and Beautifying Tips to Counter the Effects of Depressing Stress on Your Skin

Stress doesn’t just affect your emotional wellbeing – it can also trigger unwelcome changes in your appearance, such as acne, eczema and signs of premature aging. Find out how to prevent and treat these outward signs of stress – and feel more inwardly calm and balanced – with tips and tools that can help relieve stress and boost your complexion.

Fall Beauty Eco-Friendly Guide Fall Beauty Eco-Friendly Guide

Look and feel your best this autumn with the top eco-friendly formulas to nourish and repair your skin and hair from lingering summer damage. We’ve scoured the best beauty brands for products that combine the most powerful, effective ingredients with a commitment to promoting a healthier planet. Keep reading to learn more.

Back to School Beauty: Reversing 12 Signs of Summer Stress Back to School Beauty: Reversing 12 Signs of Summer Stress

As the end of summer draws near, there’s little time left to repair any summer-related damage on skin and hair. Thankfully, we have a primer with the top tips, treatments and products for restoring your look now that school has arrived.

Hair Envy: How Take Your Tresses From Thin to Fabulous Hair Envy: How Take Your Tresses From Thin to Fabulous

When it comes to restoring thin locks or lifeless tresses, reach for ingredients that encourage growth, nourish split ends and thicken your strands from root to tip. Whether you suffer from hair loss or damaged hair, this guide will help you achieve the healthy tresses you’ve always dreamed about.

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Q: At-home masks and peels are really expensive! Can these treatments really do more for my skin than what my everyday facial cleanser can accomplish?

A: Although masks and facials are pricey, these treatments are a worthwhile addition to your beauty regimen. Unlike your daily cleanser, which only sits on the surface of skin for a few seconds, a mask or peel blankets your skin for a much longer duration, exposing it to a higher concentration of active ingredients. This results in more effective, powerful results.

Q: I have especially sensitive skin so I’m nervous about blanketing it with a potentially irritating facial mask. Still, I’d love to try one to see if it improves my complexion. Any suggestions?

A: Sensitive skin can still benefit from a facial mask. The key is to look for a simple formulation with few ingredients, avoiding mineral oils, alcohol, and highly concentrated ingredients. Green tea and lavender are ideal skin-soothers that can ease redness and brighten your complexion without causing irritation.

Q: How should I prep my skin before applying an at home mask?

A: You always want to start with a clean, fresh complexion. Dr. Sarah Villafranco tells Total Beauty that it’s best to wash your face with a soft washcloth that’s been soaked in warm water. As you gently wipe your face, the warmth will open the pores and draw out impurities and gentle, repeated strokes will provide a mild exfoliation, prepping your skin for your mask or peel.

Q: I recently tried eyelash extensions and now I’m suffering from some damage. How can I help my lashes grow back?

A: Restore the health and look of your lashes with LashFood Trio, which offers all the ingredients necessary to naturally boost lash growth for a fuller, healthier appearance.

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