Q: I’m short; can I still wear a jumpsuit?

A: Absolutely. You just have to find the right jumpsuit for your shape. A jumpsuit in a loose fabric paired with a tie belt, cropped jacket and high heels can make you look longer and leaner.

Q: I have super long locks. What hair trend should I try this season?

A. Pin straight ponytails were seen on multiple runways during fashion week. This is one of the easier trends to try at home. Simply wash, blow dry, brush and straighten your hair with a flat iron. Finally, set your tresses with hairspray for a clean, finished look.

Q: I like the all white look that’s been seen on the runways for fall, but isn’t it a fashion faux paus to wear white after Labor Day?

A: When it comes to fashion, sometimes it’s okay to forget the rules. In fact, some style experts feel that the essence of fashion is pushing the boundaries, which is why this rule is being broken on the fall runways. Regardless of rules, if wearing white from head to toe makes you feel good – then it’s okay anytime of the year.

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Whether it’s luxurious leather, long jumpsuits, wavy ponytails or multicolored nails, the trends of the season have something for everyone. In this article you’ll find a rundown of the best styles to try this fall.

If you're ready for a new beginning in your beauty routine, now is the perfect time to create a fresh look. Get yourself primed for autumn and cooler weather with inspiration from the season's cutting-edge runway trends. From sleek animal prints to daring accessories, here are five fashion-forward – and versatile – looks to update your fall wardrobe and beauty routine.

Rock a reptile print

Animal prints can be intimidating, but this season’s snake-inspired patterns have never been classier or more wearable. Look for scales splashed across sheer blouses and silk pieces. Pair reptile prints with a solid pant or skirt for a conservative look that’s both on trend and appropriate for work.

Another way to sport this trend is through accessories: clutches, scarves and belts can emulate the reptile look without appearing overdone. When combined with a pin straight ponytail as seen on the models all over fashion week, you’ll achieve an ultra chic look. To create the perfect pony, simply blow-dry your hair and flat iron. Then, spray your hairbrush with hairspray before brushing your locks into a tight ponytail. Finish it off by smoothing back fly-aways, and spray on a bit more hairspray to set the look.

    Fashion picks:

  • Sheer snake-print blouse paired with solid colored pants
  • Crocodile clutch with your favorite outfit
  • Leopard-print shoes with solid pants and blouse

Try on the military trend

The military look will be in full force this fall; look for service-inspired capes, army greens and cargo pants. Since the military look is more on the masculine side, balance it out with a bit of femininity. Combine a tough cropped military jacket with an off-white lace blouse, or pair a long military dress with bright pumps. A multi-colored manicure adds an element of fun to an otherwise serious look. Simply paint four of your nails a single neutral shade, and then apply a different neutral color to the ring finger.

    Fashion picks:

  • Cropped bomber jacket
  • Structured military button-up dress in army green
  • Double breasted long wool coat with a high collar

Embrace black on black

People who prefer the safe shade of black are in luck: midnight hues were all over the fall fashion runways. Stay warm with thick fabrics like wools, leathers, mixed textiles and everything in between. Stick with straight lines and simple pieces. Slip on a fitted black turtleneck, tight leather pants and black flat boots. Or, pair a long black leather jacket with a black pencil skirt and black sequined tee. Complete one of these looks with smoky green eyes and sheer lip color.

    Fashion picks:

  • Structured turtleneck in charcoal grey
  • Black leather pencil skirt
  • Black leather cropped jacket

Slip into a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a bit on the edgier side, but don’t be intimidated by these fashionable frocks. A one-stop shop outfit, you’ll find fall jumpsuits that are long, bright and patterned. To ease into this trend, wear a cropped jacket over the top to make it feel more like an everyday outfit. Look for billowy silk fabrics that are feminine, loose and comfy. Pair your jumpsuit with tall boots or play it up with a pair of colorful pumps. Finish off this look with a trendy red lip color and a clear, fresh face.

    Fashion picks:

  • Jumpsuit in a solid shade of emerald green or a black and off-white print
  • Cropped blazer in taupe or black
  • Bright closed toed pumps

Opt for off white everything

Like the all black look, all white everything is also in style – and ideal for the fashion minimalists. All-over white is a little trickier to wear than all black, but the secret is to keep it simple. For an easy outfit, pair an off-white long, sheer sweater with a pair of white tailored skinny pants. This trend works well with the big, glamorous waves seen bouncing around fall fashion week. To achieve this look, curl your locks with a big-barreled curling iron and set with a dusting of loose hold hairspray.

    Fashion picks:

  • Sheer white sweater with tailored white pants and black high pumps

Excited about adding a fish scale frock to your work wardrobe? Ready to rock a neon jumpsuit at the club this weekend? This fall, whether you prefer a more professional look or the weekend-ready trends, there’s something for everyone. Regardless of age, size or occasion, there’s a wearable look to fit your fashion sense, with new beauty trends to boot. Have fun in the season’s best looks!


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