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Looking for tips on how to coordinate the season’s hair and fashion trends? Want ideas for age-appropriate clothing and makeup to flatter every skin type? Find what you’re looking for in our Fashion & Beauty Handbook, with articles covering seasonal trends, anti-aging fashion advice and essential tips for men, teenagers and busy women who want to look and feel their best from head to toe.

Before you invest in the latest fashion trends or undergo a full-scale makeover, take some time to find out which styles work best for you. From enhancing your look with some classic accents to experimenting with fun seasonal trends like spring pastels, you can revamp your beauty routine on any budget or schedule. Learn how to sort through a cluttered wardrobe, polish a professional look and cut through any excuses about time and money to establish a fashion-forward beauty routine.

Seasonal beauty, hair & fashion trends

  1. Winter Makeup, Fashion and Hairstyle Trends to Take You into Spring. If it’s halfway through winter and you’re already itching for spring, it might be time to refresh your outlook – and your appearance. Bypass the winter blues with bold shades, fashion-forward blazers, a sun-kissed makeup palette and retro hairstyles. With these irresistible styling tips, you’ll take the gloom out of winter and be primed to usher in spring.
  2. Winter to Spring Style: Fashion & Beauty Trends. The transition from winter to spring can be a tough one, especially if the days are still chilly and gray. Perk up your look – and your mood – by adding bright shades to your wardrobe and makeup palette. This article offers a step-by-step guide to updating your style and modifying your beauty routine for a radiant, natural glow in any weather.
  3. Spring Fashion and Beauty: Three Picture-Perfect Looks. Since spring is all about renewal, what better time to rejuvenate your appearance? Draw inspiration from three classic looks – glamorous, chic and professional – to freshen up your personal style. And don’t just make a fashion statement with your clothing: learn how to match your makeup and fragrance with the season’s top trends to look beautifully polished from head to toe.
  4. Spring Cleaning Fashion and Beauty, Part 2: Revamp a Crowded Closet. Whether you faithfully purge your closet every spring or need some motivation to break your packrat tendencies, this article can help. Get tips for discerning which items to keep and which to toss, priceless advice on organizing and storing clothes, plus how to streamline your wardrobe with classic pieces.
  5. How to Match Up Spring’s Freshest Beauty and Fashion Finds. Ready to brighten up your style? Take advantage of the season’s most eye-catching trends to create your own signature look. From feminine silhouettes to dramatic makeup, learn how to pair up vibrant patterns and color palettes without going over the top.
  6. The Shades of Summer: Colors to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal and Fashion Wardrobe Now. Updating your look with the seasons can feel a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, you can make the transition in style with this guide to summer’s hottest wardrobe and makeup trends. Find out which color palettes and clothing patterns are making a splash this summer, plus how to incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.
  7. Fall Fashion Tips: Coordinate the Season's Best Hair and Fashion Trends. Dressing with the seasons is a great way to keep your look fresh and versatile. In the fall months, look to the season’s deep, rich earth tones for beauty inspiration. This article offers fall-themed fashion and makeup ideas for every occasion – from a sophisticated day at the office to a glamorous night out.
  8. Holiday Fashion & Beauty Trends for the New Year: Update Your Look for the Holiday Season. The holidays tend to bring out the sparkle in everyone, so it’s the perfect time to add some flair to your look. Whether you opt for daring and glamorous or chic and feminine, choose from the latest style combinations to look gorgeously fashionable through the holiday season and beyond.

Anti-Aging fashion & beauty

  1. Fashion for Mature Women: 5 Anti-Aging and Beauty Tips. Part of aging gracefully is continually updating your style and skincare routine. Whether you’re dealing with adult acne, dryness, dark circles or have fallen into a fashion rut, there are plenty of age-appropriate ways to revitalize your appearance. Use these easy tips to put the fun back into makeup and fashion with flattering shades, sleek accessories and complexion-boosting skincare products.
  2. Gorgeous at Any Age Part 1: Anti-Aging Fashion. Looking for foolproof ways to make a statement, without going over the top? The key to looking younger – while still age-appropriate – is choosing the right styles for your skin and body type. Use this article as a starting point to reevaluate your wardrobe and polish your overall look so you can glow with confidence at any age.
  3. Gorgeous at Any Age Part 2: Anti-Aging Beauty. Fashion trends come and go, but a fresh, healthy complexion is timeless. Learn how to care for your skin as it ages and enhance your natural beauty with exfoliating products, shimmering makeup and flattering hairstyles. No matter how your fashion sensibility changes over the years, these simple beauty tricks will guarantee a youthful glow.
  4. 8 Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves for Older Women. Ready for a beauty pick-me-up? Whether you’re struggling to accept some of the physical changes that come with aging or just want tips on exploring new trends, this article can help. Find out which clothing styles flatter your figure and how to choose quality staples tailored to your personal style, age and body type.
  5. 10 Timeless Beauty and Fashion Tips: Younger-Looking Skin and Anti-Aging Secrets. When in doubt, return to the basics. Before you take drastic measures to revamp your style and beauty regimen, address any skin concerns. Discouraged about wrinkles? Worried about sun damage? Refer to these 10 tips to fine-tune your beauty routine from head to toe, with anti-aging products, flattering makeup, fashion wisdom and more.

Fashion & beauty for everybody

  1. The Season’s Top Fashion and Beauty Trends for Teens. Want to provide your teen with beauty inspiration that’s both age-appropriate and cutting-edge? Use this article as a go-to guide for teenage skincare, trendy nail looks, makeup recommendations and fun fashion ideas that any teen can make her own.
  2. Men’s Essential Fashion & Grooming Tips. Even the most low-maintenance man can benefit from this guide to easy and eye-catching style upgrades. From understanding the power of a well-chosen splurge (like a classy watch or briefcase) to protecting skin from premature aging, men can learn how to create their own personal style and maintain a fresh, timeless appearance.
  3. 8 Beauty & Makeup Tips for the Fashion-Forward Professional. If you’re working in an office every day or constantly on the go in your professional life, it’s easy to get stuck in a style rut. This article offers eight ways to revive your beauty routine, starting with skincare basics and adding bold, playful touches to your everyday wardrobe, such as metallic nails and patterned flats. These creative tips will have you looking forward to weekday mornings as a time to primp and experiment with the latest trends.
  4. 10 Tips to Revamp Your Look. One secret to maintaining a gorgeous appearance year-round? Periodically change up your beauty routine! Use these tried and true tips for looking – and feeling – refreshed, especially in the long winter months. Whether you’re suffering from the beauty blahs or simply want to add some pizzazz to your routine, you’ll find priceless ideas for boosting your hair, skin and smile.
  5. Makeup and Fashion Quick Fixes to Perk Up Your Look. If you’re feeling bored with your look lately – or have neglected your style altogether – it’s probably time for a fashion check-in. But don’t stop at buying a new pair of pants; find out how to maximize your wardrobe without spending a lot of time and money, so that everything you wear flatters your figure. Plus, polish your look with makeup that glows in any season.
  6. Top 100 Beauty & Fashion Blogs. Overwhelmed with the plethora of beauty information on the web? Let us point you in the right direction with this extensive, up-to-date list of beauty and fashion blogs that cover everything from holistic skin and hair care to daily beauty and fashion tips. There’s something for every age, lifestyle and budget in this international assortment of beauty bloggers.

A fresh approach to fashion and skincare can help revive not only your appearance, but your creativity and inner beauty as well. By making some key changes and learning what works for your personal style, you’ll keep your look youthful and current, while also boosting your confidence.


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