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Have you avoided developing a quality skincare and makeup regimen because you’re too busy, or it feels daunting to spend time and energy on your appearance? Worried that quality cosmetics and skincare products are simply too costly? Healthier beauty habits can be a reality with the right products and a little know-how. Read on to learn how to overcome these excuses and adopt a better beauty routine, so you can feel beautiful and confident in your appearance every day.

Too stressed, too busy or worried that you need to spend a lot of money to have a good appearance? When it comes to beauty, sometimes it isn’t about how much time or money you spend – the trick is to understand your skin and develop a routine that works for your individual needs. In this article, you’ll learn how to stop making excuses for poor beauty habits and instead develop a quick and budget-friendly approach toward caring for your complexion.

Excuse #1: “There isn’t enough time in the day for a complicated skincare and makeup routine.”

  • Problem: “I’m always running late in the morning and don’t have the time to do my hair and makeup.”
    • Solution: Even the busiest career woman can put together a polished and professional look in a hurry with the right products and an easy routine. Learn how you can start every morning with an energizing shower, make use of multi-tasking products and pare down your makeup routine to just three items: Late for Work? The 30-Minute Routine
  • Problem: “I go to the gym in the morning before work, so there isn’t enough time to do my makeup before I head to the office.”
    • Solution: Morning workouts don’t mean you need to sacrifice looking professional the rest of the day. Find out how you can speed up your transition from the gym to the office with a little planning and some clever on-the-go cosmetic products: Workout to Workday: Tips for Going from the Gym to the Office
  • Problem: “I’m a busy mom with four kids, and I work as a department store manager. Caring for my skin properly takes too much time that I usually just don’t have.”
    • Solution: A healthy skincare regimen doesn’t require an arsenal of products and procedures. If you feel anxious every time you look to that too-full bathroom cabinet and overflowing makeup drawer, here are some tips to rethink your skincare and beauty needs in favor of a simpler routine: 15 Ideas for Streamlining Your Skincare Routine.

Excuse #2: “Keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends costs too much money.

  • Problem: “This is a tough time for my family – and we have to watch every penny now. I’m worried that I simply don’t have enough money to spend on fashion and beauty; it seems they’ll be too expensive for me.”
    • Solutions:
    • It’s time to stop equating quality with high cost. Learn how to see beyond marketing hype and pretty packages and get tips for 20 inexpensive fashion buys in this article: Fashion-forward on a Dime: 20 Beauty Products Under $10.

      If you’ve been afraid to shell out money for anything new or trendy, this is a good time to take advantage of budget-friendly cosmetics. Find out how to get great bargains and create a fresh new look, here: Budget Beauty Tips for Spring: A New Look for Less.

      Have you resorted to a ho-hum look at the office, day after day, because you’re afraid of the high expenses associated with a professional appearance? It’s time to find out how to boost your confidence in the workplace, without spending half your paycheck. Read more here: Budget Beauty for the Office: 15 Affordable Finds.

  • Problem: “I’ve heard that pampering spa treatments are too much of luxury for me to afford.”
    • Solutions:
    • Dropping big bucks at a pricey salon for a manicure each week may never be a reality, but there are plenty of affordable ways to pamper your skin, hair and nails. From easy DIY recipes to finding discounts at local spas, find out how to make pampering treatments possible even when on a very tight budget, here: 10 Penny-Pinching Ways to Pamper Yourself.

      No matter how busy your week has been, it’s important to squeeze in some “me” time to pamper and relax. Plus, those stressful days make you all the more deserving of some time out! Learn how you can fit simple pampering treatments into your week to feel rested and rejuvenated. Read more here: Beauty Tips for Working Women: 10 After-Work Pampering Ideas

  • Problem: “I’m a busy mom on a strict budget, and it seems like I can’t afford to indulge in quality skincare products.”
    • Solution: As a mother, you probably put yourself last and focus on your family first – but it’s time to stop sacrificing at least your real skincare needs! With a little research, it’s easy to find budget-friendly skin care and beauty products that affordably cover every skincare need on your list. Read more here: Budget Skincare for the Whole Family: Product Picks for Mom.

Now that you’ve discovered some easy ways to develop a quality beauty regimen without spending too much time or money, there’s no need to feel anything but beautiful in your own appearance. Stay tuned to learn about more ways to conquer some common excuses for feeling ugly – from thinking you’re too old for fashion and beauty to simply not seeing anything to gain in improving your skincare regimen.


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