Q: Some of this year’s styles are pretty wild. How can I tone them down to wear on an everyday basis?

A: Sometimes it’s tough to look at a runway style and then visualize how to shop for something similar. Instead of trying to shop for an entire look, browse around for your favorite piece of the outfit. Was the skirt made up of brightly colored faux ostrich feathers? Then let the skirt speak for itself by picking a toned-down blouse and solid heels. Not only will you save your sanity while shopping, you’ll save a little money as well.

Q: How can I wear my hair so that the style matches my overall look?

A: A hairstyle that fits the theme of your outfit is a great way to finish off a completely coordinated look. This year, shoulder length and long locks rocked the stage at fashion shows, and with each length, you can change up the style to fit your clothing. For instance, the sweet, girlish look goes well with a perky ponytail and headband while soft curls, waves or slicked-back updos are a bit more sophisticated.

Q: What type of material could I wear in a blouse at work besides plain white cotton? It goes with everything, but I need to switch up my look.

A: White blouses beneath blazers can get pretty dull, without a doubt. That’s why this year, sparkly metallic prints and florals have taken center stage. You can often find blouses in the same exact work style you usually wear that are made of shimmery or printed materials instead of ho-hum solids. Just be sure to pair them with more subtle trousers or skirts to keep them from competing with each other.

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Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your look from head to toe. With form-fitting trench coats to ward off March winds and floral prints that pop in dresses, skirts and blouses, you’ll have the time of your life mixing and matching the versatile cuts and colors that this season has in store. Combine refreshing patterns with a new hairstyle and makeup palette, and you’ll have several winning looks to choose from.

It’s almost spring – the time of year when you spend hours cleaning your house from top to bottom. So why not reward yourself by revitalizing your style? Each “look” below will give you new ideas for how to pull together pieces for the perfect outfit, style your locks, apply a fresh face of makeup and finish off with a scent that ties your whole appearance together. This year’s prints and patterns are highly eclectic, so feel free to put your creative license to work as you design your new look.

The glam girl: Sweet and sassy

Sometimes you just want to wear a feminine outfit complete with soft shades, florals, heels and hair accessories. But there’s an art to pulling off this girlie look while still looking mature and sophisticated. Try these style hints:

  • Clothing: Tired of spring pastels? Then brighten up with neon shades that announce your arrival from miles away. The trick to wearing neon clothing without looking like a construction worker is to choose cuts and textures carefully. Kate Schweitzer of Marie Claire highlights designer Peter Som’s blouse and skirt duo, which features a snug fuchsia, orange and yellow striped top paired with a poufy neon yellow skirt. Maintain a balanced, age-appropriate look by keeping your top piece form-fitted and the bottom loose and free-flowing – or vice versa. Top off the look with strappy stiletto sandals in an equally intense neon tone.

  • Makeup: Make your face radiantly springy with a bright look. Don’t shy away from eye shadow colors like purple, pink, light blue and lime green. As tacky as they might sound, you can wear them with class as long as you stick with one bright shade that pops and keep the remaining colors neutral. For a few age-appropriate shades, check out the Laura Geller Baby Cakes Eye Shadow palette. Simply swipe on some lipstick in the color of choice, or line your eyes with tinted eyeliner in a bright shade. Finish off with a super-light pink blush, such as Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush - Cotton Candy, and you’ll have a candy-coated look that’s perfect for spring.

  • Perfume: Smell as scrumptious as you look with a perfume that’s equally as sweet as your personality. Melvita Eau de Toilette - Rose Raspberry is one of your best bets for smelling as yummy as you look.

The fashionista: Suave and chic

Dressing to impress has never been so easy. This next fashion statement looks like it’s just off the runway – without going too over the top.

  • Clothing: Keep your closet classy with fitted clothing that accentuates your figure. This season, hip-hugging pencil skirts and eye-catching blouses are in. Keep off the spring chill with a knee-length trench coat or a tailored blazer.

  • Makeup: Reveal a bit of your dark side with dramatic eyes. But instead of letting your lids get all the action, darken your brows with a product like TALIKA Eyebrow Extender for an assertive air that exudes confidence. Dark browns and bronze shadows go well with this look, as does a complexion finished off with a healthy dusting of bronzer.

  • Perfume: Give off a scent that radiates the same chic style as your appearance. Spray on a little Thierry Mugler Alien perfume for a hot date or a night on the town.

The executive: Sophisticated and professional

Going to work becomes less of a chore when you can look stylish at your desk. This spring’s office looks are anything but frumpy with shapely pencil skirts, ruffled blouses, shiny fabric and waist-flattering accent belts. Add a pair of modest heels and a smart hairdo, and you’ll be on your way to the top of the corporate ladder in no time.

  • Clothing: Who says you have to look boring at the office? Add some feminine details to tops that otherwise look a little masculine. For instance, blouses accented with pencil-thin belts around the waist and ruffles around the hemline. Instead of pairing your blouse with slacks, try a knee-length, high-waisted skirt with a plain, tucked-in top.

  • Makeup: Tired of the same-old “natural” look when you get ready for work in the morning? Turn things up a notch with your makeup. Add a pop of color with dark lipstick, such as DuWop IcedTeas in Black Currant, deeply rouged cheeks or reddish-brown eye shadow in the crease of your eyelids.

  • Perfume: You should look – and smell – your best in front of co-workers. The crisp scent of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Women gives off a fresh, clean scent that’s suitable for the office.

If your goal is to brighten up your closet with completely new outfits or embrace a fresh look that doesn’t stray too far out of your comfort zone, this spring’s styles have it all. Plus, you get to play around with different tastes in eye shadows and lipsticks that’ll make you feel like a brand new woman. Don’t forget to have a little fun while putting together your new spring outfits!


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Laura Geller Baby Cakes Eye Shadow Palette A collection of baked powders for the eyes that feature multiple infusions of color. "
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Alien by Thierry Mugler Women's Eau De Parfum Spray Amber, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Woods "

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