Q: I’ve finally sent my last child off to college and a ready to focus on myself! I want to start overhauling my wardrobe, but can’t afford to do it all at once. What pieces should I prioritize?

A: Accessories like purses, shoes and scarves are an easy an affordable away to refresh your wardrobe. When picking purses, avoid dull, boring bags which can age your look. Instead, opt for bright colors and unique shapes.

Q: Is long hair inappropriate after a certain age?

A: Definitely not! As long as you keep your hair healthy and well-maintained with routine trims and don’t mind the extra maintenance of washing, drying and styling longer tresses, there’s no reason not to rock longer locks. If you’re not sure that your particular style suits you, ask your hair stylist or some of your girl friends for an opinion.

Q: I’m in my mid-50s and feel inspired to transform my style. I want to look sexy and feel young – but don’t want to look inappropriate or like I’m trying too hard. Any advice?

A: You’re never too old to feel attractive. Unlike teenagers, though, it’s hard to pull off that sultry look with skimpy clothes once you’re past a certain age. guide Cynthia Nellis recommends looking sensual by embracing “luxe fabrics (silk, leather, cashmere, fur) and rich colors (wine, chocolate, plum, champagne and midnight).”

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Whether it’s your daily office wardrobe or what you wear to the grocery store, your look should reflect your personality and enhance your appearance. Age is no excuse for hanging on to outdated attire. If you know how to pick the right shades and styles, you can maintain a timeless wardrobe that only needs a trendy touch here and there.

Fashion to feel young

Your clothes make a statement the moment you walk into a room – and the last thing you need is for them to spread the rumor that you’re getting old. By now you know a thing or two about style, so your skills just need a little polishing, and maybe an update or two. Here are the secrets that every woman needs to know about dressing her age – and looking younger at the same time.

  • Know your style. You’ve tried many looks over the years, and all of that experimentation has helped you pick up some fabulous and flattering styles along the way. When it comes to picking out new pieces, stick to the classic shapes, colors and textures to form the foundation of your wardrobe, but sprinkle in seasonal trends here and there. You might spice up a classic black cocktail dress with a trendy statement necklace, or an envelope clutch straight from the runways. At the end of the day, you’ll be wearing a style that works for your body, and you’ll prove that you haven’t lost your touch when it comes to of-the-moment pieces.
  • Start with the basics. The right undergarments can slim you down and help the rest of your wardrobe to fit better. If you haven’t had a bra fitting in years, or updated your standby cotton underwear for decades, you may love what you find. New, high-tech fabrics smooth where lines used to be, and cinch and lift in all the right places. And when you get rid of unnecessary lumps and bumps, your clothes look younger and fresher overall.
  • Get it right, size wise. If you haven’t yet learned to shop for the fit – not the size on the tag – now is the time. Tight clothing can age you, as can shapeless, voluminous styles. You’ll hit the bull’s-eye with well-tailored garments like structured jackets and draped dresses. Showing off your curves and your waist can make you look youthful, and even draw eyes away from other areas that you’d like to camouflage.
  • Look polished every day. If years of running after the kids left you dependant on easy, mess-proof outfits, it may be time to return to more sophisticated styles. Wearing workout clothes to run errands may feel comfortable, but it can look sloppy. Step up your style with chic pieces like a knit dress and a pair of well-fitting medium or dark wash jeans. Choose denim with a small amount of stretch, and a waistline that falls one inch below your belly button to avoid an aged look. When you are working out, skip the worn-out duds and treat yourself to an outfit with shape, stretch and a pop of youthful color.
  • Choose accessories with care. Accessories are key for maintaining a youthful style. But when it comes time to adorn your look, beware of a few instantly aging pieces: silk scarves, nondescript belts and the same old handbag, time and again. While there are plenty of fresh-patterned silk scarves out there, it’s the ones that look outdated (think paisley and nautical themes) that age your look. Go for colorful florals and geometrics instead. Check out your local department store for the latest trendy scarves at an affordable price.
  • Use belts as a fashion accent (not a pants-holder), and choose trendier styles – ranging from skinny bright patent leather belts to thick, woven distressed leather belts designed to cinch at the waist. As if you needed an excuse to go handbag shopping, be sure that you’re not carrying around the same tote 365 days a year. Have at least one summer bag (choose pale leather, straw or suede) and one winter bag (perhaps a trendy grey or animal print), in addition to a few clutches to accessorize your evening-wear. If you’d like to add particularly trendy purse to your collection, look for those made with nylon or fabric – which are super stylish without breaking the bank.

With a few small updates to your look, you’ll not only appear more stylish, you’ll feel a boost of confidence. And nothing makes you look and feel younger, sexier and more energetic than the knowledge that you haven’t lost one bit of your shine and sparkle. Like a vintage handbag, your own unique style gets more valuable with age.


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