Q: Will foundation make me break out? I’ve never used it!

A: The wrong type of foundation can definitely lead to breakouts; make sure you’re using an oil-free formula that won’t clog the pores, like Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation - Warm Vanilla, and always remove all your makeup before bed.

Q: It takes me forever to get ready in the morning before school! Do you have any tips for making things faster?

A: Try setting everything you need out the night before; you can even try out your makeup looks. Shower at night, so all you’ll have to do in the morning is put your hair up in a bun or use your flat iron. And take advantage of multi-tasking products like Philosophy Purity Made Simple – an all-in-one cleanser, toner and makeup remover. Read our article on creating a 30-minute routine here.

Q: My mom and I have very different ideas about what kind of makeup is “appropriate” for me to wear to school! I’d like to do some more experimenting and try out some different colors, but she thinks

A: Try working out a compromise with your mom. For example, school days might mean neutral-colored, light makeup, while on weekend occasions – like an afternoon shopping trip with your best friends – it’s okay to experiment with a little more makeup. You could even try making her part of it; see if you can set up a time at a makeup counter so you can both have your makeup done!

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The teenage years are an ideal time to try out all sorts of beauty and fashion trends, but – many of the most popular looks from fashion runways aren’t quite age-appropriate for the teen scene. Here are some trends that are fun, easy and perfect for teenage girls.

Sometimes Mom doesn’t know best – and when it comes to beauty, most teenage girls would rather develop their own fashion sense, taking inspiration from some of their favorite teen celebrities. In this article, you’ll find out which popular trends can be easily adapted for younger women and how to create a fresh new look for spring.

1. The look: Fresh, glowing skin. The overly made-up look is a big no-no when it comes to younger women. "A dewy complexion is a great look for celebrities because it's young and not distracting,” Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson tells Teen Vogue.

  • Make it yours: If you have relatively clear skin, all you’ll need is a lightweight foundation to even out your skin tone and mask any imperfections. Try Philosophy Supernatural Air Brushed Canvas SPF Natural Ivory, which is easy to apply and works as a concealer, foundation and sun protection, all in one. Camouflage any acne breakouts with a spot concealer that targets blemishes, like Jane Iredale Disappear - Medium Light, which contains healing ingredients like green tea.
  • Then, use a light-reflecting highlighter on the cheekbones for a sun-kissed look. Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter goes on like a cream and has a powdery finish, giving your cheeks a soft pink glow.

2. The look: Nails that sparkle. Give your ordinary manicure a makeover by adding a polish that shimmers and shines. Teen Vogue suggests looking for topcoats and polishes such as all-over glitter, a holographic finish, a pastel iridescent or textured crackle polish. Experiment by pairing these shades with dark, solid colors or lighter pastels to create new looks, or wear them on their own!

  • Make it yours:
    • Create texture. Teen Vogue hails the OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer as “the trend-setting top coat that started it all!” Try the classic gold over a red nail, or experiment with a white, silver, red or blue – you can find shatter topcoats in a wide array of colors now. This topcoat leaves a textured and “shattered” effect as it dries, revealing whatever shade you use underneath, for a unique effect.
    • Go bold. Make more of a statement by using a polish with larger flecks of glitter, like Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer, Gems – a silver sheen with multi-colored sparkles. The larger particles look “like polka dots on your nails,” Teen Vogue says.
    • Subtle shimmer. Looking for a more subdued look? Go for a delicate shade like SpaRitual Nail Lacquer Ethereal, an opal pink with a sheer, shiny finish. This shade works well on top of a base color as well – try a nude or mauve shade underneath.

3. The look: Mega-lashes. If you’ve shied away from false eyelashes because you were afraid you might look like a Halloween costume, some of the newer false lashes prove that you can make a statement without looking like too much. “Fake eyelashes don’t always have to be dramatic,” says Seventeen.

  • Make it yours: The Jane Iredale Longest Lash kit contains two sets of lashes that are hypoallergenic and made from natural hair. Choose from either 6 mm lashes or 9 mm, depending on the occasion.
  • Or, create some lash drama with a power-packed mascara like Too Faced Lash Injection - Pitch Black, a lengthening and separating lash formula that uses a special mascara wand for extra volume.

4. The look: Flirty, fun fashion. Why wait for warmer temperatures to start wearing spring clothing items to school? With winter on its way out, some of the easiest ways that a teen can update her wardrobe are to slowly incorporate warm-weather items with winter basics – think layers!

  • Make it yours: Seventeen suggests a sunshine yellow sweater, which you can easily wear with a pair of jeans; a “fit and flare” dress, which you can wear with a trench coat until warmer temperatures; or a pretty button-up blouse in a fun pattern reminiscent of spring.

5. The look: Tights that make a statement. It may be too early to bring out the shorts from the back of your closet, but with a pair of embellished tights, you’ll be glad the cooler temperatures are sticking around a bit longer. Whether you like your tights to look destructed or glittery, they’ll be a hit with any outfit.

  • Make it yours: While a pair of sequined, lace or rhinestone-adorned tights can go for big bucks, the bloggers at Elle Girl suggest doing it yourself. Simply gather together sequins, small beads, bits of lace, silk flowers, or anything else you can dream up, along with needle and thread. Put the tights on first, so you’ll have a better idea what the finished product will look like, but don’t be too strict about placement. “H alf the appeal of this style comes from the whimsical, free-spirit feel,” Elle Girl says.

6. The look: Simply beautiful. Trends come and go, but there are a few staples that should be in every teen girl’s beauty bag. All you’ll need are a few neutral eye shadows, basic black mascara and a pretty gloss.

  • Make it yours:
    • Go natural. A palette of high-quality, blendable shadows will become one of your most-used beauty items. Whether you’re an expert at shading and blending or just want to try a couple of colors at a time, a kit like Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit - Daytime offers multiple looks with five natural-looking shades. Go light for the school day, or use the darker shades for dinner with friends.
    • For everything you need to know about choosing and using eyeshadows, read this article: Change Your Look: Eye Makeup History and How-To.

    • Basic black. Frame your eyes with a clump-free black mascara, which is the finishing touch to any type of eye makeup. blinc Mascara Black is a great everyday product that offers more staying power than traditional mascara – this waterproof formula actually forms “tubes” that bind to the lashes, making those smudges and smears a thing of the past.
    • Read more about mascara’s history here: Mastering the Art of Mascara: History And How-To.

This season, as temperatures warm up and you start to pack away those winter clothes, have fun with makeup trends like dewy skin, sparkly nails and bold lashes. Then, bring a little bit of spring into your wardrobe with flirty, girly blouses and dresses. And don’t forget to take advantage of beauty staples like neutral eye shades and subtle glosses – a must-have for any teen girl.


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Too Faced Lash Injection - Pitch Black This “injection” adds volume beautiful separation and waterproof color to lifeless dull lashes. "
Stila Kitten Silk Shimmer Gloss Stila's new silk shimmer gloss in kitten delivers that golden pink shine to the lips that we all have come to love. The silk proteins make for smooth, moisture-rich wear, while ultra-fine pearl shimmer provides shine."
Philosophy Supernatural Air Brushed Canvas SPF Natural Ivory what conceals, camouflages, and provides spf protection all in one easy step? philosophy's supernatural airbrush canvas spf 15."
OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer, Silver Apply one coat of shatter over any completely dry lacquer shade for a "shattered" look."
Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter A cream-to-powder highlighter that illuminates the cheeks, eyes and brow bone."

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