Q: This winter I’ve started to notice some white flakes on the skin along my hairline. Should I start using a dandruff shampoo?

A: If your flakes are seasonal, you may be suffering from dry scalp rather than dandruff. To keep your scalp hydrated and flake-free, switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. If this doesn’t alleviate the dryness within a week, use a professional scalp treatment like Phyto Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment to get rid of dryness. Massage the oil into your scalp, let it sink in for 15 minutes, then shampoo as usual.

Q: I love trying something fresh with my nails every season. What beauty trends can I look forward to this spring?

A: Your nail colors will be flexible enough to match your moods this spring, with nail trends that range from shocking to subtle. Try barely-there nudes, like Spa Ritual Air of Confidence, and whisper-light pastels, or go bold with tangerine like Spa Ritual in Last Tango, or try fuchsia or neon. Either way, you’ll want to keep a good nail file on hand, like Trind Professional Glass Nail File, to ensure that your manicure stays flawless.

Q: I want to start building my spring wardrobe before the new season arrives. Can I transition any of my winter pieces to fit the spring fashion trends?

A: Yes, your winter whites and neutrals will be the perfect tones to pair with all of spring’s fresh, bold prints. This spring it’s not just about demure flower prints. Look for geometric shapes, bird prints and tropical florals to be the hot patterns. You may also want to add some subtler pastel pieces to your spring wardrobe to keep with the trends of the season.

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When the thought of getting out of bed in the morning sends shivers down your spine, it must still be winter. While you may want to spend the day in your slippers and sweats, there’s no need to sacrifice style because the temps drop below freezing. Instead, turn up the heat and get ready to turn a dreary winter day into a fashion and beauty fiesta.

Who says that your fashion and beauty sense has to hibernate during the winter season? With a few expertly chosen additions to your wardrobe and tiny tweaks to your beauty routine, you’ll be glowing once more. Let our trendy fashion picks and pro beauty tips inspire you to revamp your look today, tomorrow and long after the groundhog sees its shadow.

Step one: Spring into fashion

  • Turn on your brights
  • Winter days may be dull, but don’t limit your wardrobe to a drab palette. Black, gray, brown and navy can still serve as the foundation of your winter outfits, but adding a few bright pops of color or touches of sparkle not only brightens your appearance, it lifts your mood. To be on trend, leading fashion website Refinery 29 recommends color-blocked shirts and dresses, metallic touches on cuffs and collars and pants in bright, colorful shades.

  • Come out on top
  • Wouldn’t it be great to make a fashion statement, even when it’s freezing outside? Look at the bigger picture by upgrading the one wardrobe essential you wear everyday: your coat. Call it a jacket, a parka or a puffer, it’s the piece you’ll be seen in the most this winter season. Invest in a statement coat that has special fabric, an eye-catching pattern, jeweled embellishments or sophisticated buttons and zipper pulls. Whether you're running to the pharmacy for cold medicine or hitting the town for a romantic evening, you’ll feel instantly chic and pulled-together every time you throw it on.

  • Break the rules
  • Don't stash away all of your warm weather clothes when the season changes. Your spring and summer clothes may come in lighter, brighter colors, but that doesn't mean they’re completely off-limits during the winter. Just choose wisely. The old "no white after Labor Day" rule left the picture when the winter white trend came into fashion, so embrace whites that match the freshly falling snow, as long as they’re warm. Cosmopolitan recommends pairing gold accessories with your whites “for an even more luxe effect.” Winterize a summer dress by layering tops over or underneath, and don’t forget to finish your outfit with warm tights (splurge on a fleece-lined pair). Use your favorite summery tanks and tees as additional layering pieces that’ll help you retain heat when worn under heavier shirts and sweaters.

  • Gather special pieces
  • When you structure your outfit from basic pieces, put a little personality into your wardrobe with accessories. And winter is the ideal season to accessorize! Consider items like: colored or textured tights; knitted, faux fur or felt hats; riding boots; thigh-high heeled boots or cozy fleece-lined wellies; and colorful mittens or elegant leather gloves. Of course, you don’t want to throw everything on at once. Pick one or two accessories that stand out and complement each other. And don’t worry about matching; some of the best fashion looks benefit from an eclectic approach.

Step two: Winterize your beauty routine

  • Skip the flakes
  • Save the falling flakes for the weather forecast. Stick to this plan to keep skin well-hydrated and free of dry patches. First, exfoliate skin two to three times each week, and moisturize every day with an oil or cream, like Philosophy Hope in a Jar. For an extra boost of moisture that keeps makeup from accentuating dry patches, mix a few drops of your moisturizer with your liquid foundation for a medium coverage blend that leaves skin dewy. If you still spot a few patches of dryness, go ahead and apply moisturizer to the areas that need it. Celebrity makeup artist Matin also suggests to Elle that applying rose or avocado oil (like Melvita Plant Oils Avocado Oil) will provide extra moisture without leading to breakouts.

  • Stay-put with stain
  • How many times has your flyaway hair or your favorite scarf ended up sticky with lip gloss or balm after a wintery wind gust? When you’re heading outdoors, swap messy gloss for a light layer of lip stain, like the naturally hydrating DuWop Pure Venom Pure Berry Lip Stain, or moisturizing lipstick, like the shea butter-based Too Faced Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Living In Sin (its purple-hued shade is right on trend), which won’t smudge or stick to hair or fabric when the wind picks up, and tends to be more moisturizing than petroleum-based glosses. Of course, you can’t expect to get through the winter without an all-purpose, heavyweight balm, like Jurlique Love Balm, for your hands, cuticles, lips and nose. Just wear it indoors, where you won’t be met with any sticky surprises.

  • Get cheeky
  • Winter skin looking sallow? Brighten up a lackluster complexion, and play up pale skin with blush that pops, in a bright or bold shade. Since powder blush can emphasize lines and dry patches, choose a cream formula that imparts both moisture and rosiness to your cheeks. Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush in Charisma is a bold pearlescent purple that looks fabulous on darker skin, while Stila Convertible Color in Petunia is a cool pink hue that flatters lighter tones. Just a dab on the cheeks will have you looking like you just returned from a brisk walk in the snow.

  • Just one condition
  • Static-prone hair isn’t your best winter beauty look. Prevent static electricity from taking control of your locks by switching to an intensive conditioner that contains silicones (to seal in moisture) and quats (to neutralize static), like Phyto Phytobaume Detangling Conditioner or Rene Furterer Fioravanti Shine Enhancing Conditioner, says Women’s Health magazine. Use a dry shampoo like Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk to stretch out the time in between shampoos, so you’ll leave more natural moisture in your hair and do less damage while the days are dry and cold. And as your mother always said, never leave the house with wet hair. Freezing temps can actually cause the cuticle to break, leaving you with nasty split ends come spring.

Feeling armed with inspiration that will shake up your winter style? Hit the post-holiday sales, stop into your favorite beauty emporium and bring home a few key pieces that’ll banish the winter blahs for the rest of the season.


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DuWop Pure Venom Pure Berry Lip Stain DuWop throws their hat into the "green ring" with Pure Venom, a completely natural plumping lip stain that contains an organic version of the famous Lip Venom essential oil blend. "
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk This dry shampoo absorbs oil and leaves hair light and cleansed. Gentle dry shampoo is formulated to clean hair without water."
Jurlique Love Balm A skin treatment salve that moisturizes, soothes, softens and protects sensitive, dry or chapped skin. Lightly fragranced with organic Tangerine oil."
Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush - Charisma Sweep this creamy blush stick over your cheeks for a flush that's soft, dewy and natural. This formula goes on like butter and smells deliciously of pure cocoa powder. Try it on your lips, too, for a pulled-together look that stays all day!"
Melvita Plant Oils Avocado Oil Rich in several vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and Panothenic Acid, Avocado Oil makes an excellent anti-aging treatment."

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