Q: What are some trendy shades of polish to choose from this winter?

A: Blues of all shades are especially trendy this winter season. A leading college fashion website recommends blues ranging from light, ocean-inspired shades to those that are dark and moody like navy blue. Other popular hues include teal, minty and royal blues in both sheer and shimmery finishes.

Q: The slightly sloppy ponytail twist that seems to be popular this year really isn’t a good fit for my office needs. Is there a different style I can easily create that still keeps my hair out of the

A: Not every girl likes that extra loop in her ponytail. Instead, part your hair at a deep angle on one side, then slick it back into a ponytail. Select a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail holder, securing it with a bobby pin at the nape of your neck. This style appears polished and professional and works for almost any hair texture. Smooth out hair with a product like Frederic Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Tame and Style Crème to tame frizzies (which, incidentally, are not welcome in this particular style, even though they’re popular in other styles this winter).

Q: The combination of navy blue eyes and bright red lipstick, which is popular this season, looks a bit garish on my face. How can I apply a more toned-down version of this look?

A: These two bold colors aren’t the best color combination for every woman’s face. Instead of wearing navy eye color, try a light blue or aquamarine on your lids, then select a bright pink lip gloss instead of a deep rouge. While this might appear a little more like spring than winter, you’ll still look crisp and vibrant, which is a popular vibe this season. You can also keep the navy eye shadow and simply switch out the lip gloss for a lighter shade.

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You don’t ordinarily think of the winter season as having the best to offer in fashion, makeup and hair trends. But this year is a great exception. Frumpy sweaters and fuzzy boots be gone! Channel your inner ice princess by embracing dazzling colors and stunning styles. Plus, you’ll enjoy a seamless transformation from winter to spring with bright beauty trends that are ready to burst into full bloom for the warm weather months ahead.

If you often turn to hot chocolate and a cozy blanket to escape the dreary winter weather, you’ll be happy to learn that this year, fashion offers an even better getaway. No more hiding that pale skin beneath baggy sweaters, furry hats and fuzzy mittens. This season’s new looks are too good to resist.

This winter’s trends take two totally different avenues. The first direction mirrors the winter around you in the form of clean whites, crisp blues and crystalline grays. The second channel hints of the summer months to come with sun-kissed golden skin and berrylicious lips. So are you ready to don a new look for a new year? Then gear up for the chilly months with a fresh wardrobe and a makeup palette that’s perfect for chasing away those winter blues.

Winter garments

The “winter blues” take on a totally different meaning this season. In fact, if there’s one color you need to wear this season, it’s blue. The hottest shades include:

  • Turquoise: This shade looks absolutely smashing in a sweater dress with black accents or in a silky top with ruffles, suggests Vogue.
  • Slate: Slate blue combines a shimmery gray with a hint of silver. You’ll find this hue in knit sweaters that you can pair with pencil skirts for a professional look.
  • Cerulean: This is the shade of blue that you’d ordinarily find in your son’s crayon box. But instead of finding it smudged all over coloring pages, you’ll see it paired with black and white skirts and shoes, or even as an accessory purse, Marie Claire recommends.

What fashion pieces should you look to add to your wardrobe? Blazers and skirts were a popular addition to fall’s closet, and they’ve carried on their staying power. But instead of dark jewel tones, you’ll be wearing knee-length skirts in silvery, white or navy blue and pairing them with blazers or collared coats that look like they hail from the early 1900s.

Wintery white

Aside from its reputation for getting dirty in a hurry, white is one of the most practical colors, fashion wise, for the upcoming season. For winter, it coordinates perfectly with that lovely snow you’re crunching through on your way to work. For spring, it offers that crisp, clean look that no other color can match. This year, you’ll wear white in a number of ways, especially in your pantsuits. Vogue suggests a monochromatic look; try wearing all white, or pair white pieces with navy or red to break up your personal snowstorm.

Fresh looks for makeup

You’ve probably noticed this winter’s penchant for bold colors like navy and red. Those same colors carry on from your clothing into your makeup in the form of dark eye shadow and lips that pop. But if you want to stay a little more under the radar, there’s plenty to choose from in the subtle category, too.

  • Eyes: Blue eye shadow is in this year, whether it’s in a navy sheen or the ocean spray variety. Lining your eyes with colorful liners is big as well. And don’t be afraid to lash out with lots of mascara and even fake lashes, if the situation calls for a lot of drama in the eye department. For double-duty in the lash-lengthening department, try the Line n Grow Lash Lengthening Tinted Eyeliner in Midnight Blue.
  • Cheeks: Bronzer is back with a vengeance. Achieving a golden skin tone with a bronzer like Too Faced Caribbean is probably the most popular winter-to-spring trend in makeup this year. But if you’re not ready for that sun-kissed look just yet, opt instead for a slightly pale complexion, and follow up with a rosy blush to make your cheeks look like you just came in from a blizzard. Think pink in a shade like Laura Geller Blush and Brighten Pink Grapefruit.
  • Lips: There’s nothing subtle about lip lines this season. Anything you wear on your kisser should stand out like a sore thumb – but in a good way. Pairing ruby red lipstick, like Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips in Cherry Sparkle, with dark blue eyes is one of the best ways you can stand out this year. But if you’re not the type to wear lipstick that matches Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz slippers, or if it doesn’t exactly fit in with the motif at the office, try something a little more subdued in the red-orange, berry pink or maroon department. DuWop Elixrstix in Serenity is an option you might try.

Soft styles for hair

From the plumped-up curls of the 1950s to the barely-controlled frizz of the 1980s, retro is back for hairstyles this winter. But if you don’t feel like channeling your old ‘80s look just yet, there are a few ways you can tone down this season’s popular styles for everyday wear.

  • Pull it back: If you don’t feel like dealing with hair falling in your face all day, pull it back in something besides a ponytail. Loop your hair through your ponytail holder at the very top, leaving plenty of “tail” at the end for just a little oomph in your ponytail. If your hair is naturally wavy, don’t bother flat ironing it; let it do its thing and use barrettes or hairpins to pull it back at the crown.
  • Put it in a braid: Braids are big this year, but not the tight kind. Hairline braids that give you a touch of a Swedish look are perfect for a casual Saturday, while loose braids at the end of a side ponytail add a pretty touch to an office look.
  • A splash of color: This winter, stay on the light side or take a trip on the dark side – the choice is yours. Both golden and platinum blondes are popular options, but then so are deep brunette shades. You can’t go wrong with either choice.

Don’t miss out on some of the best new styles of the year, and embrace a new look that’ll flawlessly transfer from winter to spring. This season’s bright colors for both your makeup and your wardrobe will shock any doom and gloom out of your ordinarily ho-hum winter style. Plus, if your hair is feeling a little less than tidy, take advantage of this year’s frizzy hairdos and loose updos for a more laid-back approach to styling your locks. So thaw your shopping plans a little early, and give your seasonal look a little upgrade.


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