Q: If I’m noticing adult acne, are there any products I should take out of my regimen?

A: Yes, you should watch out for acne-causing culprits that could be clogging your pores. Use products that say “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores.” Lotions and foundations should all say “oil-free.”

Q: No matter how much foundation I use, I just can’t seem to cover up those pesky fine lines around my eyes and lips! Are there any special techniques or foundation formulas I should know about?

A: Not all foundations are created equal, and if you have mature skin, some formulas will only make those fine lines look deeper and more pronounced. Forgo the powder and matte-finish foundations and opt for a creamy, hydrating formula that leaves a smooth finish. DuWop Foundation of Youth not only provides a dewy glow, but also plumps and hydrates the skin.

Q: I’ve been using products designed for adult acne and my skin still seems to look red and irritated. What am I doing wrong?

A: If your “acne” isn’t responding to these products, you might be dealing with rosacea – a condition that can behave similarly to acne but needs different treatment. Like acne, rosacea symptoms include redness and pimples, but you’ll need to see a doctor who can help you develop a treatment plan. In the meantime, swap your acne treatment products for an extremely gentle skincare regimen so you don’t cause additional rosacea flare-ups. Start with Pevonia RS2 Gentle Cleanser to cleanse and calm, then use Avene Cream for Intolerant Skin, which is pH-balanced and formulated without irritating ingredients.

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Just because you’ve hit middle age doesn’t mean you have to retire your sense of fashion and style. Instead, learn how to combat skin concerns like adult acne and dry, dull skin and achieve a radiant complexion. Then, read tips and tricks to revamp your wardrobe and beauty bag with age-appropriate clothing and cosmetics.

You probably rejoiced when the teenage years ended and your acne cleared, but as you reach middle age, you might be faced with a host of new skin concerns – from age spots and dark circles to wrinkles and fine lines. And for some, acne and oily skin might return, which is why it’s time to arm yourself with some solutions tailored to your skin type.

Additionally, makeup and fashion trends evolve with your changing skin. Following today’s “it” trends can easily leave you looking awkward and overly made up, and heavy makeup will only accentuate the look of fine lines. Here, read about some makeup and fashion trends to complement your best features.

  1. Complexion correction. It happens to the best of us – we get into the habit of using certain skincare products, and then continue to use them, despite seasonal or age-related skin changes. Before you even think about that new shade of lipstick you’ve been dying to try, start with the basics: your skincare regimen. Has your skin type changed in the last few years? If you’ve noticed that your skin is oilier, drier, irritated or you have conditions like adult acne or rosacea, then most likely you’ll need to make some alterations in your skincare regimen.

    If you’re unsure about how to identify your skin type, read the article Make Skin Typing Work for You.

  2. Address dryness. As the skin ages, it produces less sebum (the skin’s natural moisturizer). Even if you had oily skin as a teen, your skin might be on the dry side later in life. Flakiness, itching or tightness are all indications that you need more hydrating skincare products. Moisturizer should be a staple in your skincare regimen, day and night, even if you don’t consider yourself to have especially dry skin. Moisturizer acts as an ideal base for makeup and keeps skin soft and supple. For ultra-dry skin, invest in a hydrating product like Sundari Lavender Moisturizer for Dry Skin, which will infuse skin with humectants to help water bind to the skin.

  3. Combat adult acne. It probably seems unfair that your skin suffer a second round of acne breakouts so long after your teenage years, but adult acne is very common in middle age – especially during the menopausal years, when fluctuating hormones and excess sebum production can send the entire body out of balance. Acne is a major sign that you need to make some changes in your skincare regimen.

    If you’ve developed a good regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and treatment products, the good news is that an acne-fighting regimen is no different. But instead of adding those age-old teenage acne products, look for something more suited to adult skin, such as the SkinCeuticals Adult Acne System.

  4. Treat additional skin concerns. Aging skin can bring a host of other concerns as well – but nothing you can’t address with targeted treatments. According to CBS News, “Many women will complain that their features are shifting or sinking as they get older and that the natural colors in their cheeks and lips have faded.” Now is the time to address concerns like under-eye circles and thinning brows.

    • Dark circles. The under-eye area is naturally drier than other areas of the face, and with age, you might notice chronic dark circles that are unrelated to how much sleep you got the night before. An under-eye cream is the first step. Kate Somerville CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream firms and tones the skin with an advanced blend of peptides.

    For a quick-fix, use a concealer like B. Kamins Booster Blue Corrective Concealer, which contains extra vitamins and extracts to strengthen the skin around the eyes. Celebrity makeup artist Linda Mason provides the following how-to suggestions on The Early Show: Dot it on the inner eye next to the nose and under the eye in the inner corner. Blend the cream then powder on top of it with a translucent powder, using a large clean eye-shadow brush.”

    • Thinning eyebrows. If your brows aren’t framing your face like you want them to, it’s time for some help. When used consistently, a conditioning solution like Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost will nurture your brows and encourage healthy growth.

    Shaping and filling in your brows will also go a long way in disguising thinning brows. Mason suggests removing any hairs from the brow bone. “Once the brows are cleaned, the line becomes more evident.” Then, define with a pencil like Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil, making sure to go with the natural shape of your brows.

  5. Have fun with makeup and fashion. Who says that aging can’t be fun? Once you’ve gotten your skin concerns under control, it’s time to have a little fun with your wardrobe and cosmetics. From choosing the right lipstick to creating a flattering ensemble, don’t neglect your flair for beauty trends.

    • Use accessories. Just as your skincare regimen needs a change, a wardrobe update will keep your style looking fresh. Embrace the changes you’ve gone through by adding a few key pieces into your wardrobe that are both fun and flattering. Says creative director Adam Glassman for The Oprah Magazine, “ To look hip but sophisticated, slip in a few rock 'n' roll elements (Sgt. Pepper–esque velvet jackets, skinny jeans, boots, leather, anything studded) while keeping the rest of your outfit subdued.”

    • Choose shades that flatter. Dark lipsticks are a no-no, according to the website About. Instead, try rosy or neutral shades, and play up the eyes. About suggests using a pencil liner and gently smudging the edges, then using eye shadow hues that complement your complexion: golds and browns for brown or hazel eyes, or blue-grey or light browns for blue eyes.
    • As for clothing, MSNBC reports that the most flattering shades for daytime are soft neutrals, like navy, charcoal, black and khaki – but remember that wearing too much black next to your face might look too harsh. For more complimentary colors, MSNBC suggests: “Stay away from primary colors; instead go with jewel tones. Black and white should be saved for evening.”

Not all changes during middle age have to be difficult. Updating your wardrobe and choosing age-appropriate cosmetics are a great way to revamp a tired beauty routine. Get inspiration from your favorite middle-aged celebrities, your trendy best friend or, better yet, draw upon your own creative passions and explore new trends.


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