Q: I don’t look good in the light, pale lip glosses that are popular this season, but I don’t want to go dark, either. Is there another option I can choose from?

A: For women who don’t have the right skin tone for either light or dark shades of lip gloss, hot pink lipsticks can work well for either casual or evening looks. Just be careful to avoid the plastic-lipped Barbie doll look by skipping electric pink, and instead going for shades like Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips in Candied Rose.

Q: With all the hair, eye shadow and lip gloss colors to choose from, how am I supposed to know which ones will go well together?

A: Cool, dark shades blend well together, as do warmer, lighter shades. If you want to go dark, opt for a deep brunette hair color with plum, emerald green or navy eye shadow and a burgundy or red wine lip color. For a lighter look, pick dark blonde or light brown locks and combine shimmery bronze eye shadows with lighter, shinier shades of lip gloss.

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For many women, autumn is like a second chance at a New Year’s resolution. If one of your goals was revamping your look, then you picked the perfect time to do it. But how will you decide if you should wear your new gray trousers with the sequined purple blouse or the navy blue dress with the black pumps? Should you play up your eye shadow or let your lip gloss do all the talking? This style guide will give you a firm grasp on everything you need to know about fall’s beauty trends.

We all love fall for a very simple reason: the sights and scents are nothing less than delightful. So why not embrace a look that mimics fall’s crisp, alluring shades? If you can’t wait to bite into a juicy caramel apple, then you’ll love this season’s trendiest colors that include caramel brown accents on rich reds. Chomping at the bit to break out the Thanksgiving spread? Then you’ll go nuts over the latest mustard-colored blazers, earthy eye shadows and wine-stained lip glosses.

With so many options, it’s difficult not to wear them all at once. Find out how to pull off several new fashion trends simultaneously – without looking like you went for a spin on the color wheel.


This fall’s outfits for both work and relaxation all exude one common characteristic: sophistication. A blazer paired with trousers or dark jeans is polished enough for popping out of a chauffeured car in front of a fancy hotel but casual enough for attending an autumn bonfire. Here are some tips on how to coordinate your clothes with the right hairstyle and makeup shades.

  • For the office: The cool side of the color wheel is sizzling hot for this fall’s office outfits. Subdued tones – like gray, deep purple, burgundy and chocolate brown – are a big hit. Mix up a gray suit with a purple top underneath the jacket, or pair a patterned top beneath a brown suit of a similar shade.
  • Going out on the town: Let your evening fashion statement reflect the nightlife around you – dark and dazzling. Sapphire dresses look gorgeous when complemented by smoky eyes and a sleek updo, while gray and black couple well in blouse-and-skirt or jacket-and-trouser combinations.
  • Sophisticated daytime attire: What’s trendy for an everyday look outside of the office? Light blazers and jackets in blood orange or mustard yellow are flying off the racks this year, and their colors really pop when paired with jean trousers in a dark wash.
  • Shoes and accessories: No woman’s outfit is complete without shoes and purse that fit the look. Tired of the hum-drum loafers you’ve been wearing to work? Try a pair with a pump heel for a look of sophistication that’s sure to garner praise from coworkers. For other occasions, brown leather boots with a two- to three-inch heel are all the rage, as are purses in patchwork caramel and chocolate tones.


Now that summer is over, the sun-kissed forehead and rosy cheeks you’ve been playing up are out of vogue. But don’t embrace winter whites just yet. Transform your carefree summer look into a warm autumn visage with neutral, earthy skin tones, subtle, rich eye shadows and a smooth, creamy complexion.

  • Foundation: This season, pick a foundation with a creamy, translucent finish that isn’t too shiny or too matte, like Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation which also balances skin tone.
  • Blush: Treat your cheeks like a sideshow, not the main attraction. Barely-there and almost-nude blush like Bare Minerals Blush in Sorbet pervades the scene this fall for a soft look that’s radiant without being washed out.
  • Bronzer: As your summer coloring starts to fade, you might look a little on the pale side. Bring some autumn warmth into your face with a light application of bronzer to avoid looking ghostly. For starters, give Laura Geller Bronze ‘N Brighten Fair a whirl.
  • Eye shadow: This fall, embrace eye colors with jewel tones and earthy hues. For a daytime look, neutral shades like chocolate and shimmering bronze look amazing, while plum, navy and emerald shadows show off a more daring side. The Stila Eye for Color Palette offers a good sampling of every color needed for fall.
  • Defined eyes: Saying that cat eyes are back might go a bit far, but this season’s eyeliner and mascara application are definitely feline-inspired. Swap thick cat eye strokes of eyeliner with a thinner stripe instead, and blend it into your eye shadow. Use a dark brown for work and save pitch black for evenings out. Want to plump up your eyes at night? Add a set of short or medium faux lashes like Jane Iredale Longest Lash for a thicker, fuller look.
  • Lip gloss: Illuminate your lips with luminous glosses in pale, pink tones like Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Champagne Room. For a more dramatic look, go for darker shades like mauve and burgundy that pair especially well with brown or bronze eye shadows. Try DuWop IcedTeas in Black Currant.


If an hour spent on hair each morning isn’t your thing, then you’ll be delighted that simple styles are all the rage this autumn. Instead of fussing with braids or updos, leave your hair down in loose waves or put a few bouncy curls into a bouffant ponytail. Unless you have locks like Rapunzel, your style will be finished in no time flat.

  • Colors: If it’s the color of a fall leaf, try it in your hair this season – rich auburn, burnt copper, caramel brown and even vibrant red. If you have pale skin and pale eyes, try warm lowlights instead of all-over red or brown. Keep in mind that some hues, like the brighter reds and coppers, work best as highlights.
  • Styling: It’s time to bring back hair with lots of volume and length. Break out the big-barreled curling iron and roll two-inch sections of hair tightly to create coils that’ll loosen into waves after a few minutes. You can also bend a flatiron at a 45-degree angle to create defined waves. Pump up limp locks by scrunching mousse like blowPro Body by Blow No Crunch Body Building Mousse into damp hair before blow-drying.
  • Finishing touches: A little teasing with a comb will add some height and volume to any style. For hair left down, back-comb sections on the sides and back of the head to create some lift. For pulled-back updos, back-comb only the back portion near the top rear of your crown. Shiny locks are in, so finish off any style with a shine spray like Alterna Caviar Glitterati Sparkling Champagne Spray.

This season, your fashion statement should be an exhibition of sleek sophistication. Your eyes and clothing will coordinate with rich jewel tones and dark fall colors that are sure to attract admiring glances wherever you go. And your complexion will radiate with your natural glow, rather than with an overdone smattering of foundation and bronzer. Now all you need are a perky pair of heels to complete the look, and you’ll be the very picture of autumn perfection.

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