Q. Though I’d love to wash my hair daily, I don’t always have the time. My hair gets oily easily. Can you recommend any styling tips that’ll eliminate the greasy hair feeling?

A. When you’re busy, you may not have time for daily shampooing. But don’t let that keep you from tresses that look and feel squeaky-clean. To refresh tired locks, try Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo – a translucent formula that absorbs excess oil and balances build-up with the added bonus of a sweet amber scent.

Q. I have extremely oily skin and get shiny as the day goes on. Can you recommend a product that’ll eliminate excess oil and refresh my midday makeup?

A. There’s nothing worse than slick skin but luckily it’s a breeze to remedy. To remove excess oil and give makeup a freshly applied look, reach for a toner. We love Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist for its ability to stabilize skin of all types and revive the appearance of lackluster makeup.

Q. I frequently go out after work and I’m looking for an easy way to transition from my low maintenance daytime look to a more refined evening look while on the go.

A. Transitioning from a day to evening look is simpler than you think. Using your existing makeup as a foundation, brush a lightweight, transparent powder such as Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Translucent Powder over your entire face to create the appearance of naturally flawless skin. Next, apply Nars Eyeliner Stylo to contour your eyes. To complete the look, quickly swipe on Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Volumizing Mascara for sensual, plumped up lashes.

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The school year is approaching and, for educators, this can be an exciting but also chaotic time. Last-minute preparations can interfere with style and beauty routines, making mornings seem frantic. Read on to discover techniques for cutting down on the mad morning scramble and bring serenity back to your daily beauty regimen.

When it comes to style and beauty, cutting corners can compromise the health and appearance of your skin and hair. For educators, who stand at center stage day in and day out, it’s especially important to maintain an effective and efficient beauty regimen – along with a bit of pampering here and there. With the help of a streamlined routine and key multi-tasking products, you can avoid feeling frumpy and look chic and polished all year long.

Lovely locks in no time

Just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean you need to give in to bed-head. Even though styling can be a time-consuming undertaking, there are plenty of ways to maximize your time while crafting the perfect style. Start by enhancing your natural beauty instead of fighting it. For example, if you have curly locks, don’t reach for the flat iron. Instead, learn to style your curls. Here are other tips for gorgeous back-to-school hair:

  • Cleanse correctly: Decreasing your styling time is a process that begins in the shower. The right shampoo and conditioner can cut down on the time needed to make your coif look its early morning best. Reach for combo that’ll smooth out your cuticles. We like Alterna BAMBOO Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Alterna BAMBOO Smooth Anti-Frizz Conditioner – deep-penetrating formulas that’ll leave your locks silky and manageable all day long.
  • Style smart: To refine your strands and speed up styling, focus attention on the sections that are visible. Begin by evenly distributing KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray throughout damp locks; this innovative formula cuts drying time in half without dehydrating your tresses. Once you’ve removed excess moisture, don’t waste valuable minutes on the bottom sections of hair that aren’t noticeable. Apply Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Omega + Nourishing Oil to the outer layers of your locks and polish smooth with a brush. With these simple techniques, you’ll leave the house with hair that looks and feels gorgeous.

Easy, breezy skin care in an instant

In a perfect world, we’d tumble out of bed with plenty of time to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. Unfortunately, beating the morning bell doesn’t usually allow for a routine with so many steps, and it’s easy for our skin to take a backseat. Before you resign yourself to a lackluster complexion, check out our list of timesaving products that’ll keep your skin healthy and radiant all year long.

  • Daily care: Investing in a slew of costly cleansers and treatments doesn’t guarantee a flawless complexion. Instead, choose a few key items that are right for your skin type. During the school week, keep your routine as abbreviated as possible: First, select an all-in-one cleanser such as Philosophy Purity Made Simple, which acts as a cleanser, toner and makeup remover, and is suitable for all skin types. If your skin is mature or on the dry side, nourish it with a restorative and nutrient-rich moisturizer such as SkinCeuticals Emollience. For oily skin, look for a product that’ll control oil production and offer soothing hydration like Jurlique Clarifying Day Care Lotion.
  • Weekly care: Once each week, indulge in a little pampering to keep your skin in top shape. To avoid a lackluster complexion, treat yourself to a non-irritating and ultra-gentle exfoliating scrub like Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads, which will remove dead skin cells and give your skin a luminous glow.

Makeup in a flash

The simplest way to save time in the morning is to shorten your makeup routine. But just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your pulled-together look. Here’s how to shave minutes off of your application time by selecting products that do double-duty to help brighten your tired complexion.

  • The essentials: Chic minimalism begins with a foundation that covers all of the bases – sunscreen, concealer and color corrector. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream is the perfect quick fix solution. This unique 12-in-one formula boasts benefits ranging from decreasing fine lines to reducing redness. Add a pop of all-over color to eyes, cheeks and lips with a dynamic cream to powder formula such as Nars the Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick.

Nails in record time

When it comes to extra touches like well-tended nails and sophisticated polish, think of a salon or DIY manicure as a two-in-one: the perfect finishing touch to a classy look plus an opportunity to slow down and relax.

  • Polished to perfection: A quick manicure is the perfect weekend treat and easy to accomplish. To achieve a naturally flawless polish-free look, remove any old polish and thoroughly clean debris that might be hiding out beneath your nail beds. Briefly soak your fingertips in a water and lemon solution to gently soften the cuticles and lather on Eve Lom Cuticle Cream to condition your nails and promote healthy growth. For a simple, classic manicure consider French tips. Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in White eliminates the heartbreak of chipped nails, making at-home applications and salon touch-ups a snap.

Even if you have zero free time once school is back in session, you can still achieve a look that feels flawless. While overblown beauty routines are not an option for time-crunched mornings, these timesaving tricks can help you look and feel your best as you head back to the classroom.


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Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads An ultra gentle, clean Jojoba bead scrub for all skin types that contains fine jojoba beads and botanical nutrients that work in two ways. First, they help exfoliate surface dead skin cells, allowing active treatment products and moisturizers to penetrate better when applied. Then, the ultra-fine jojoba beads help open clogged pores and emulsify the sebum that contributes to blackheads and whiteheads. Because these unique buffing beads gradually dissolve with continued contact with the skin's surface, the risk of irritation is minimal, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed."
SkinCeuticals Emollience Formulated with an exclusive selection of natural extracts and oils, this rich and restorative moisturizer is perfect for use on dry skin. Three nutrient-rich Brazilian sea algae nourish and hydrate the skin, while oils of grape seed, rose hip, and macadamia restore and maintain moisture. Emollience is ideal for high altitudes and cold or dry climates."
Philosophy Purity Made Simple purity made simple is a liquid crystal cleansing emulsion that removes makeup, dirt, oil and debris in one step. purity made simple was created because it was our feeling that most cleansers were not getting the skin clean enough. furthermore, we do not believe you need a makeup remover and a toner to complete the cleansing process. purity made simple was formulated to emulsify and dissolve dirt, imbedded debris, and makeup rather than creating a lot of foam without a lot of clean."
Alterna BAMBOO Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo BAMBOO SMOOTH ANTI-FRIZZ SHAMPOO combines strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract and smoothing Organic Kendi Oil combine to achieve the ideal level of moisture needed to lay the foundation for healthier hair. Freshly cleansed, hair is left stronger & silky smooth with a frizz-free texture. Color Hold® technology for maximum color retention. Because great hair should be sustainable."

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