Q: I’m a busy dad of three with a demanding job that leaves little extra time getting ready in the morning. Can you recommend a few products that can simplify my regimen?

A: Thankfully, the growing market of men’s skincare brands understands that most men don’t have time for a fussy skincare routine. That’s why you’ll find a number of multitasking formulas that can streamline your regimen. To keep things simple, use a basic facial cleanser in the shower. Then, as soon as you step out, apply a powerful 3-in-1 multi-tasker like Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, which blankets skin hydration, SPF protection and age-fighting ingredients.

Q: My wife complains that my face feels like sandpaper and it hurts when she kisses my cheeks. What can I do to soften the skin on my face?

A: It sounds like you may have a parched complexion. If you’re like many men, you may skip the essential step of a daily moisturizer. Start applying a daily hydrator – like Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 – immediately after showering or washing your face. Also, using an exfoliating scrub from time to time can help slough away the dead skin and other impurities that build up on the surface of your complexion, revealing fresher, smoother and more kissably soft skin underneath.

Q. Is there really a difference between my body wash and the one my wife uses?

A. Usually, aside from any special ingredients to target specific skin challenges such as dryness or acne, the most common difference between men’s and women’s body washes is the scent. Look at the package and see if it contains the right blend of ingredients to suit your skin. If you don’t mind the scent and it agrees with your skin, then there’s no reason not to share.

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When it comes to maintaining healthy and attractive skin, the old standby of soap and water just isn’t enough to nourish and quench your complexion. Discover how adding the right cleansers to your daily regimen can help you tackle pesky skincare challenges like acne and aging – while improving the tone and texture of your skin.

For many guys, a daily skincare regimen involves little more than a bar of soap. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to skin that’s not as healthy or attractive as it could be. Even a step as simple as adding a high quality facial cleanser and body wash to your daily regimen can lead to skin that looks and feels healthier. With a growing market of men’s skincare, you can find formulas to suit any and all needs of your skin – whether you battle acne, dryness or aging. Read on for expert tips for picking the right cleanser for the face and body.

Why go beyond the bar of soap?

Most guys desire a skincare regimen that’s quick and easy, so they feel satisfied with a simple bar of soap – or even just water. But even though soap is an age-old cleansing strategy, it actually strips away essential healthy oils from the surface of skin, along with dirt and debris. The result? A dry, lackluster complexion that more readily shows the signs of aging.

Swap your soap with soap-free face and body cleansers so you can eliminate impurities while leaving behind healthy oils that keep skin hydrated and soft. Using specialized cleansers is also an opportunity to layer your skin with special ingredients that nourish and condition, along with targeting specific skincare challenges like aging or acne.

Facial cleansers made simple

Lathering your face with a nourishing facial cleanser is a quick skincare step you can complete in the shower or at the sink. Cleansing is best done at night, so you can wash away the day’s buildup of dirt and grime before you go to sleep. You can also cleanse in the morning, but if your skin is dry or sensitive, stick to cleansing just once each day.

Before you reach for your wife’s, girlfriend’s or roommate’s facial cleanser, it’s important to know that not all facial cleansers are created equal. For instance, the lady in your life may use a cleanser that’s packed with powerful exfoliating ingredients that might leave behind irritation and redness if used incorrectly. Similar to tackling a DIY home repair, effective results are dependent on having the right tools for the job. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to pick the right cleanser. Simply identify your top skincare challenges – like acne, dryness, excess oil or aging – and look for products that are suited to tackle those issues. Once you know what to look for, picking the right product is a piece of cake.

  • Acne. Do you battle the occasional bout of mild to moderate acne? Then consider using a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients mildly exfoliate the skin to remove dirt, oil and other pore-clogging impurities that may be to blame for your blemishes.
    • Product pick: Jack Black Clear Complexion Razor Bump and Acne Treatment acts as an astringent for acne-prone skin. Blanketing skin with salicylic acid to treat and prevent blemishes and lactic acid to exfoliate skin and dissolve acne-causing oils, this top-quality cleanser clears up skin without causing irritation.
  • Aging. When you look in the mirror, do you notice fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots? Minimizing these signs of aging requires more than just bar soap. Pick an anti-aging cleanser that contains ingredients – including retinol and glycolic acid – that are clinically proven to treat the signs of aging and improve the appearance of your complexion.
    • Product pick: Take control of aging with Billy Jealousy LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - Jumbo Size. This powerful daily cleanser boasts retinyl palmitate (a form of age-fighting retinol) along with lactic acid and other nourishing ingredients to strengthen the skin for a visibly younger, fresher and healthier appearance.
  • Dryness. If deal with a dry complexion, then it’s important to preserve the natural oils on the surface of skin, which hold in moisture and keep the skin soft and supple. Look for an emollient rich cleanser, which contains healthy oils to replenish and maintain hydration. According to Heather Brannon, MD of About, emollients to look for include soybean oil (also known as glycine soja) and Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil.
    • Product pick: Keep your skin kissably soft using ZIRH Wash. This hydrating cleanser will blanket your complexion with chamomile and lavender to calm and quench without unwanted irritation.
  • Sensitivity. Does your skin react easily to products? You may have a sensitive complexion, which requires special care and gentle ingredients. Use a fragrance-free, non-foaming facial cleanser in the form of a cream or lotion, which tend to be the mildest on skin. Avoid soaps and scrubs, which can be harsh on your complexion. When picking out a cleanser, look one that’s specially formulated for sensitive skin. If you’re not sure which product is best, consider asking your family doctor or dermatologist.
    • Product pick: Cleanse and nourish sensitive skin without causing discomfort or irritation. DermaQuest Delicate Cleansing Cream layers skin with a creamy combination of hydrating and nourishing ingredients to leave your skin soft, supple and looking its best.

Body wash 101

Whether your job entails working up a sweat or sitting cozy behind a desk, an effective daily regimen should include a top quality body cleanser that leaves your skin fresh, hydrated and balanced from head to toe. If you’re body wash consists of simply water or a bar of soap, then it’s time to look for better options that can improve the health of your skin from the inside out.

Whether you shop online or browse the store shelves, you might be overwhelmed by the endless options of men’s body cleansers. You’ll find creamy cleansers, lightweight shower gels, liquid body washes and a variety of beauty bars and soaps. But before you give up and go back to soap, we’ve got the basic tips to make picking the right product a simple – and possible even fun – experience. Above all, pick your body wash based on your skin type.

An added bonus to using body wash? Picking a body cleanser brings the opportunity to step up your shower experience with energizing aromas, soothing textures and more.

  • Normal skin. If you have relatively problem-free skin, look for a basic body cleanser that’s formulated to dissolve away impurities and balance oil production.
    • Product pick: Billy Jealousy Illicit Pearlized Body Wash - Jumbo Size is a go-to daily body wash that cleanses, hydrates and purifies your skin from head to toe. Plus, it features an energizing blend of citrus, ivy and sandalwood scents to help charge up your shower experience.
  • Body acne and excess oil. Pimples that pop up on the back or chest are an unsightly, uncomfortable and possibly even embarrassing skincare challenge that’s quite common among men. To prevent and treat body acne, shower daily – especially after working out or sweating. Similar to acne on the face, problems with body acne and excess oil are effectively treated with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, so look for these ingredients when searching for the best body wash.
    • Product pick: Reach for Murad Acne Body Wash to control breakouts on the body. This triple-action body wash features fine-grained date seed powder, salicylic acid and triclosan to exfoliate, purify pores and prevent future breakouts.
  • Dryness. If you suffer from all-over dry skin, it’s essential to protect and replenish the oils on your skin to lock in and maintain hydration. Look for creamy body washes with ingredients that both soothe and moisturize, including jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E. Also, resist the temptation to shower under scorching hot water, which can worsen dryness. Always apply a heavy duty moisturizer immediately after you step out of the shower.
  • Sensitivity. To protect and nourish sensitive skin without risking potential irritation, look for a simple body wash that’s free of fragrances and artificial dyes. Look for non-foaming, soap-free cleansers that are specially formulated for sensitive skin.
    • Product pick: Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash is a his or her’s body wash that blankets the skin with soothing extracts including Buchu and Wild Water Mint along with all-natural antioxidants to defend sensitive skin from daily environmental damage.

Healthy skin for him

There are no more excuses to stick with your lazy routine of cleansing with soap and water. By using daily face and body cleansers with the right combination of ingredients, you can transform the look and feel of your skin – improving its health from the inside out.


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Jack Black Epic Moisture Clean Cream Body Wash Fortified with 7 super hydrating, antioxidant-rich natural oils plus Shea Butter, Clean Cream is a state-of-the-art body wash that gently, but thoroughly cleans while imparting essential moisture to skin with no greasy after-feel. Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Ginger Root Oil soften skin for a moisturized feeling fresh out of the shower. This soothing cleanser, with Aloe Leaf Juice and Organic Olive Leaf, helps calm irritated, stressed skin while the fresh, clean aromas of Ginger, Verbena and Lemongrass work to refresh and invigorate the senses."
Murad Acne Body Wash Banish body breakouts with this powerful, patented body wash. Control body breakouts. This triple-action body wash features fine-grained date seed powder, salicylic acid and triclosan to exfoliate, deep clean pores and prevent future breakouts. "
DermaQuest Delicate Cleansing Cream This gentle creamy cleanser purifies your sensitive skin without stripping essential oils or over drying. Ever so silky and curative, formulated with nurturing ingredients to leave your skin dewy, pacified and carefree clean."
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