Q: I’m looking to stock my built-in RV bathroom with posh products. Can you recommend some?

A: Whether at home or in the woods, it always feels good to have extravagant hand soap. Try one with a refreshing and mood-elevating scent such as NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap in Orange Blossom, a unique formula that nourishes skin with natural plant extracts.

Q: I’m looking for a few extra indulgences to make my RV adventure an opulent and unforgettable experience. Can you recommend a few over-the-top items?

A: When creating unforgettable moments, over-the-top items help to set the stage. Try stringing the trees with enchanting fairy lights and burning a scented candle. Go for one with musky notes such as NEST Fragrances Scented Candle in Moroccan Amber, which will fill your RV with a woodsy, sensual fragrance.

Q. Even though I moisturize regularly, my skin gets flaky and dry when I’m outdoors. Can you recommend a remedy?

A. Flaky skin brought on by a lack of moisture can be itchy and uncomfortable, particularly when camping. To keep skin hydrated and supple, try FarmHouse Fresh Butter Rum Brown Sugar Body Scrub. This sweetly scented butterscotch formula gently sloughs off dead skin cells, allowing your skin to absorb lotion on a deeper and more nourishing level.

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Do you cringe at the thought of “roughing it”? Are you looking for a luxurious way to experience the great outdoors that doesn’t include pitching a tent? If so, RV camping is for you. Unplug, get back to nature and avoid the exhaustion associated with tent camping. Plus, enjoy the perks of doing it with your gorgeous look and style intact while getting back to natural beauty basics. From savvy hairstyling techniques to lavish culinary selections, we have all of your bases covered for a flawless foray into the wilderness.

This year, skip the minimalism associated with tent camping and step up your summertime game with an RV adventure. Forget the notion of roughing it; swap roasting hot dogs over the fire for a luscious selection of cheese and artisanal meats. As you pare down your beauty bag, don't compromise space for a polished appearance. Simply edit your everyday routine to include the necessities and add in a few travel-friendly items specifically geared toward the great outdoors. With this easy guide, you can pack up your RV with ease and enjoy the wildernesses with comfort and chic panache.

Nature-approved beauty picks

While we aren't suggesting you adopt minimalism, a few product swaps in your otherwise lengthy regimen can make your beauty routine RV friendly. There's a multitude of multitasking products that can help you cut down on makeup application time and add an extra day or two between shampoos. The extra minutes you gain in the process can be spent soaking up Mother Nature's bountiful beauty. Here are the essentials:

  • Embrace a BB cream. With the ability to moisturize skin, conceal imperfections and protect against the sun with built-in SPF, there's no product more effective at multi-tasking than BB cream. We like Philosophy Hope in a Jar A-Z Complexion Perfecting SPF 20 BB Cream — a formula that boasts an added primer, prepping your skin for any other products that you might apply.

  • Choose multi-tasking makeup. For a freshly flushed look, follow up the BB cream with multi-functional Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry Crush, which layers your cheeks and lips with a nourishing blend of vitamins A, C and E to moisturize and protect.

  • Pack a dry shampoo. RV camping gets a leg-up over tent camping in that it allows you to shower without leaving the comfort of your site. Because of this, washing hair isn't impossible but it's still a considerable inconvenience. Instead of washing and styling hair daily, reach for Serge Normant Meta Revive Volumizing Dry Shampoo, which will rebalance and restore your locks imparting a luxurious, just-washed shine — without the hefty time investment.

Products to protect and nourish

Even though you've traded your tent for a glammed-up RV, chances are you'll still be spending a good amount of your trip in the great outdoors. If you travel unprepared, insect bites, moisture loss and sunburns can quickly put a damper on your wilderness adventure. To avoid these unfortunate irritants brought on by the elements, it's always a good idea to take preventative measures and safeguard your skin. Here's what to bring:

  • Sunscreen. When it comes to your skin, a defensive strategy will prove much more effective than after-the-fact treatments. Try a sumptuous oil-based sunscreen such as Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Luxurious Protective Oil — an easy-to-use spray that layers skin with vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients to improve your skin as it defends against UV rays.

  • Insect repellent. The buzz-buzz of a friendly bug is enough to make most women's skin crawl — a downside to any outdoor experience that certainly doesn't feel posh. Thankfully, we can rely on Burt's Bees All Natural Outdoor Herbal Insect Repellent. This unique blend of essential oils creates a safe and pleasant smelling barrier between you and nature's peskiest little pests, keeping your lux vibe firmly intact.

  • Hydration. Your skin is prone to dehydration with prolonged exposure to the sun. To ward off the effects of lackluster, flaky skin invest in a good all-over body cream. Select a thick, rich formula such as Archipelago Botanicals Oat Milk Body Lotion, whose milk-proteins will drench your skin in much-needed moisture.

Camping cuisine fit for a foodie

A major perk to having an RV adventure is the ability to treat yourself to gourmet food. While you don't want to spend your vacation toiling in the kitchen, it's certainly a plus to have the added luxury of basic appliances. And with a little time spent planning ahead, you can easily transport pre-made marinades and pre-chopped vegetables, making delicious, healthy meals a snap. So live it up a little — because nothing says high class camping like haute cuisine.

  • Cultured and cured snacks. Simple to prepare and a treat to enjoy, there are few appetizers more decadent than a meat and cheese plate. When it comes to cheese there are no wrong choices, but if you're looking for varieties that can withstand warm weather, reach for hard cheeses. Bon Appetit suggests picking up aged cheddar, Parmigiano or Gruyere. For an extravagant addition to your plate, visit a charcuterie and stock up on hand-cured salami and prosciutto.

  • Incredible entrees prepared ahead. For an impressive make-ahead meal, try a marinated skirt steak with a four-herb chimichurri sauce. To make preparation a snap, marinate the steak and prepare the chimichurri sauce at home and store in a re-sealable bag or Tupperware container. At the campsite, turn the gas grill on high and grill the steak directly over the flame, approximately four minutes per side and let it set for 10 minutes. Cut steak across the grain for increased tenderness.

  • Gourmet twist on a classic camp dessert. Indulge in a sweet treat! For a simple but gourmet take on the classic campfire dessert, try a deconstructed version of s'mores. Skewer marshmallows and heat them over the fire. Create a small pan of chocolate fondue and dip warmed marshmallows in the chocolate. Follow by rolling your concoction in crushed graham crackers for an indulgence to remember.

Lush creature comforts for a good night's sleep

Quiet your mind and bring peace to your soul by turning your RV into a five star hotel. With a few simple indulgences — from sleep-inducing down filled pillows and high thread count sheets — you can sleep your best as you experience the wilderness. Getting back to nature will be much easier after a restful night of sleep.

Not every woman relishes the thought of “roughing it” in a tent. And in today's world, it's really not necessary. Using this easy-to-follow wilderness guide, you can successfully venture into Mother Nature — and enjoy the company of friends and family — without the slightest reservation. Avoid giving up the comforts that you enjoy and turn your RV adventure into a luxurious tour through the great outdoors.


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Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Luxurious Protective Oil For the first time, Vichy introduces a luxurious, radiant body oil with broad-spectrum SPF 30, for higher protection and a sun-kissed, radiant glow. "
Philosophy Hope in a Jar A-Z Complexion Perfecting SPF 20 BB Cream - Light experience the benefits of philosophy’s iconic hope in a jar in their new multi-tasking a to z cream, a one-step complexion perfector that acts as your primer, moisturizer and spf protection, with a hint of color. "
NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Moroccan Amber Formulated with a proprietary soy blend wax formulation, all NEST candles burn evenly and infuse a room with fragrance. "
Archipelago Botanicals Oat Milk Body Lotion This body lotion contains dried milk solids and oat proteins to leave your skin silky-smooth."

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