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For those who love the beach, staying inside just isn’t an option when it comes to protecting skin from the elements. Thankfully, with these simple steps and skincare products, you can minimize damage and maintain healthy, radiant skin as you hit the shore this summer and beyond.

Before the  beach: Prep, polish and perfect reveal-ready skin

Slip  on your swimwear with confidence this summer by flaunting skin that’s polished,  tightened and sun-kissed from head to toe. From all-over exfoliators to  beach-ready bronzers, here are the go-to summer essentials:

  • Polishing  exfoliators

  • Exfoliation is the simple step of sloughing away dead skin, oil,  dirt and other debris from the surface of skin. The result? Fresh, radiant skin  that’s smooth, toned and supple. Incorporate weekly exfoliation into your  beauty regimen for beach-worthy skin.

  • Effortless  self-tanners

  • Although most beach lovers love to boast a sun-kissed complexion,  no shade of bronze is worth the risk of long-term skin damage. Thankfully, with  the latest advances in self-tanning technology, gone are the days of blotchy,  orange applications. You can achieve a believable, beach-ready faux glow with  affordable at-home products.

    • Body: Easy-to-use  towelettes are the latest technique in DIY self-tanning. Kate Somerville Somerville360 Body Self  Tanning Towelettes targets  the proteins within your own skin to build an even, authentic tint that  perfectly suits your complexion.

    • Face: Formulated  just for the face, Kate Somerville 360 Face Self Tanning  Pads create a safe, healthy  glow that doesn’t compromise your complexion. Featuring powerful Peptide K8 and  Syn-Coll technology, this multi-tasking tinter goes beyond color to improve the  look of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

  • Skin-firming  formulas

  • Over 90 percent of women experience some degree of cellulite — making swimsuit season more stressful than it should be. Although there’s no  cure for cellulite, certain skincare techniques and products — along with  regular exercise and a healthy diet — can help minimize the appearance of  unsightly dimples and dents.

  • Sweat-proof  makeup

  • A day at the beach inevitably includes some combination of sun,  sand, salt and sweat — key ingredients for a full-on makeup meltdown. But with  lightweight, weatherproof cosmetics, you can maintain a flawless face all day  long.

    • Weightless coverage: Swap the heavy foundations for a  weightless, multi-tasking beauty balm like Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm - Beach  Glow. In addition to balancing  your complexion, a beauty balm hydrates, nourishes and layers the skin with SPF  protection.

    • Waterproof lashes: For a laidback, beach-ready look, you  can skip the heavy eye makeup. Instead, apply just a touch of mascara that will  highlight your eyes. For volumizing color that withstands sweat, salt and sun  while layering lashes with conditioning extracts, reach for Stila Stay All Day Lash Mascara.

    • Long-lasting bronzer: Create a sun-kissed highlight that  lasts all day long with Too Faced Endless Summer 16 Hour  Long-Wear Bronzer. This  beachy bronzer is specially formulated for summertime wear with “Double Bond”  technology that stays in place as you have fun in the sun.

At the  beach: Sweat, salt and sand-proof protectors

The intense sun and ocean  water make effective skincare at the beach a special challenge. Prolonged  exposure to sun and water are threats for your skin's health. Pack your beach  bag with sun protection, including SPF formulas that can withstand the sun, sweat,  salt and sand. Even though you should stick with sunscreens that are formulated  for the water, keep in mind that recent regulatory changes by the FDA have  required companies to replace the terms “waterproof” and “sweatproof” with  “water-resistant” for 40 or 80 minutes, depending on strength.

According to Yahoo News,  you can optimize sun protection by applying a “shot-glass worth” of broad  spectrum UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen with SPF between 30 and 50. The application  should take place at least 15 minutes prior to heading outside.

  • Body: Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 Spray blankets the skin with beach-strength  broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection that withstands the elements.  Water-resistant for 80 minutes, this is a go-to formula for the entire family.

  • Face: Boasting borage seed oil, evening  primrose extract and shea butter, Coola Face SPF 30 Mineral Matte Tint  Unscented is a multi-tasking  sunscreen that goes beyond SPF protection to bring hydrating, anti-aging  benefits to the skin. Water resistant for 40 minutes, this is the ideal SPF for  sizzling summer days.

  • Lips: Don’t forget to layer your lips with effective SPF protection. Coola Sport Liplux SPF 30 - Original  Formula features certified organic  ingredients including avocado and aloe vera to soothe, moisturize and defend  your lips all day long.

After the  beach: Post-sun skin soothing and repair

Following  your day at the beach, give your skin some TLC to undo any damage caused by the  elements.

  • Soothe: Even with the most dedicated use of  SPF, it’s possible to experience sunburn every so often. Decleor Soothing After Sun Milk blends milk, mango and argan oil to  instantly soothe and hydrate sunburned skin.

  • Repair: To  counteract and diminish long-term damage caused by UV exposure, ARCONA Gentle Solution is essential for every beach lover.  This mild nighttime treatment strengthens natural immunity while fighting free  radical damage to protect, strengthen and repair the skin.

  • Neck, chest and hands: When it comes to the long-term effects  of sun exposure, accelerated aging on the neck, chest and hands is a top  concern. To prevent and protect, apply NIA24 Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage  and Hands. This powerful formula  infuses the skin with nourishing extracts and strengthening nutrients to  reverse the signs of photo-damage including hyperpigmentation, lines and  wrinkles.

Feeling  less than confident about revealing your skin this summer season? With a few  tweaks to your skincare routine, you can look and feel your best as you hit the  beach. Infuse your skincare regimen with exfoliating treatments, easy-to-apply  self-tanners, lightweight makeup and — most importantly — powerful SPF  protectors to create and maintain a healthy, flawless look from head to toe.


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